Ricochet contract rumors

Ricochet is an amazing performer and there's news about his plans with his WWE contract and beyond.
Monday Night RAW
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Sunday wasn’t a quiet day for professional wrestling, even with NXT Battleground set for the evening. Ricochet’s name started a buzz as rumors around him planning to leave WWE when his contract ends this summer.

“PW Insider has confirmed with multiple sources that WWE’s Ricochet has given notice that he intends to exit the company when his current contract expires this summer,” as reported by Mike Johnson. “We are told that Ricochet is expected to be written out of WWE’s storylines very soon in advance of the contract expiration.”

Dave Meltzer has also chimed in, saying “According to those close to the situation, everything is up in the air.”

This is a major update to what has been one of the latest contract stories watched across wrestling. Ricochet was reported among the list of major WWE stars with contracts coming up in 2024. Will Ospreay openly talked about making a push for AEW to bring him in if the opportunity presents itself? Ospreay and Ricochet have a storied history, and there are several other matchups that could call back to Ricochet’s time before landing in WWE.

The list of dream matches for Ricochet in AEW would be nearly endless. Ospreay, Kenny Omega, Bryan Danielson, Daniel Garcia, Dante Martin, and several others. Then there’s the opportunity of him jumping to other organizations to face individuals like Lio Rush or Dralistico through the partnerships AEW has with those organizations. Ricochet in the G1 Climax? Yes, give us all of that, please.

At the same time, there’s still some concern that Ricochet could become the latest signing within AEW to face issues getting on television. There are so many strong performers on that roster who struggle to get on TV. Ethan Page was one, and he recently showed up in WWE NXT – signing with that company. Ricky Starks hasn’t been seen in months. Miro is another that fans would like to see more of, but his run hasn’t translated to what was expected with the company. There are several examples and even more when mentioning the women’s division. Could Ricochet be one that gets a hot push at the start of his time, but only to see him disappear from television in months to come?

Ricochet was a figure that WWE’s mid-card counted on, and he never got that push to top that fans knew he was able to achieve. There were even rumblings about how “disrespectful” it was to see him hold the WWE Speed Championship. Ironically, he dropped that belt to Andrade, another that fans claim WWE isn’t leveraging correctly.

Ricochet has “superstar” written all over him. He didn’t get to that point in WWE. Perhaps, that will come with a run in All Elite Wrestling. His fans and biggest supporters can only hope.