Ricochet's top 5 WWE matches

Ricochet is an excellent professional wrestler and these are the top five WWE matches in his illustrious catalog.
WWE Monday Night RAW
WWE Monday Night RAW / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

Ricochet will be one of the major talking points heading into wrestling this week. There are reports and counter-reports about his time with WWE coming to an end when his contract expires this summer. While fans watch closely to see if that’s true and where he will show up next, Ricochet’s catalog in wrestling speaks for itself. He’s been with WWE since 2018 and has put on some excellent matches along the way. These five stand out as the best entries in his catalog during that time.

Adam Cole versus Ricochet – WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4: August 18, 2018

Adam Cole versus Ricochet is one of the best matches in the Black & Gold era of WWE NXT. And that is saying a lot. Cole was over as a top heel for the company and his in-ring work was exactly what the fans wanted. Ricochet came in hot, debuting for the company a few short months earlier. He and Cole would have a fantastic match, which was perfectly paced. Everyone remembers the springboard moonsault into the superkick which is a highlight that still lives on to this day. Ricochet picked up the win and would kick off his tenure as the WWE NXT North American Champion.

Ilja Dragunov versus Ricochet: WWE Raw: May 6, 2024

The most recent entry into the list. Ilja Dragunov and Ricochet met in the first round of the 2024 King of the Ring Tournament. They battled for 14 minutes in a match that truly put Dragunov’s intensity on display. Ricochet was there every moment of the way. This was a reminder of how great Ricochet is in the ring, and really a big catalyst for the current talks of him leaving the company. Dragunov won the battle and kicked off an angle alongside Ricochet and Bron Breakker. This is truly the “don’t sleep on me” match in Ricochet’s catalog.

Carmelo Hayes versus Ricochet: WWE NXT Worlds Collide 2022: September 4, 2022

Carmelo Hayes versus Ricochet was a dream match that almost didn’t seem possible at the time. Hayes was shining on NXT, while Ricochet was a consistent mid-card talent on the main roster. Well, that dream match came to fruition on this NXT PLE and lived up to the moment. It was a match between two men that almost felt like a passing of the torch in some ways, at least looking back at it now. Hayes got the win in what would be a big sign off on his place on the NXT roster.

Adam Cole versus EC3 versus Killian Dain versus Lars Sullivan versus Ricochet versus Velveteen Dream: NXT WWE TakeOver: New Orleans: April 7, 2018

Ricochet’s first televised match in WWE NXT was an amazing one. He’d step into the ring with four other men that are no longer with the company, but this was the match everyone was looking forward to on the card. The NXT community were aware of who Ricochet was and the man that WWE was adding to the roster. He and everyone involved delivered from start to finish. Cole picked up the title in the ladder match, becoming the first NXT North American Champion, but the story was the introduction of Ricochet to the WWE Universe.

Gunther versus Ricochet: WWE SmackDown: December 16, 2022

Gunther versus Ricochet was an excellent match from start to finish. It would be the match that kicked off Gunther’s 666-day tenure as WWE Intercontinental Champion. It was clear that WWE was building Gunther up for something big, and this was the perfect match to get that ball rolling. This wasn’t a classic big man versus little man match, as there was an undercurrent story about Ricochet trying to hit Gunther with some power offense of his own. They were even able to get a simple move over like a suplex, which the crowd popped for to support Ricochet. Alas, it is another entry on this list that highlights how great Ricochet was in WWE, even on the losing end.