ROH: ATHENA returns on episode 50 of Honor Club

ATHENA continues to be a dominating force in Ring of Honor and she returned to Honor Club for the big 50th episode.
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On the 50th episode of Honor Club, ROH Women's Champion, ATHENA, made her return to her show. Her last match was episode 43 against her protégée, Maya World. After carrying the brand on her back, the #ForeverChampion finally got some well-deserved time off.

In January, ATHENA was training at a wrestling school when she was attacked by Nyla Rose. Over the next few weeks, Nyla said she was the new "Minion Overlord" and was a nuisance to Lexy Nair. She kept calling out Billie Starkz. Earlier in episode 50, Nyla gave Nair something to give Starkz.

Before her match, Nair handed a black folder to Starkz. She was disgusted that Nyla called for an M.E.M. (Minion Empowerment Meeting). During her match, Nyla made her way down the ramp with a table in an attempt to distract Starkz. Starkz recovered in time to get the win. Following the match, Nyla asked if Starkz would "be a good little minion and fall in line. Or have you yeed your last haw and I put you through this table?"

Starkz replied that Nyla was full of surprises, but she had one for her. ATHENA's music hit and while Nyla was looking toward the ramp, the true "Minion Overlord" attacked her from behind and put her through a table.

After the main event match, ATHENA reunited "The Family" backstage. Nair and Starkz couldn't contain their excitement over their leader's return and the fact that their plan of getting revenge on Nyla worked. She sent them off to get the car while she cut a promo on Nyla. She called her disrespectful and that in "my kingdom, you're nothing but a minuscule little ant. ...I am the Alpha, the Minion Overlord, your Forever ROH Champion, and it's about time your (expletive) bows down." At that moment, Nyla put the champ through a table.

Having Nyla in ROH has been a breath of fresh air. She's a great talent and phenomenal on the mic. She's needed a change of scenery. ATHENA has been through the division. Nyla is a former AEW Women's Champion and is someone who is on ATHENA's level. This matchup is worthy of a pay-per-view. ROH Supercard of Honor is reportedly going to be on April 5.

Could they wait two months before their first match? Perhaps they face off at least once with a rematch at the pay-per-view. They could potentially do a title change there, especially now that Starkz has set her sights on becoming the inaugural ROH Women's Television Champion.