ROH: Women's TV Championship tournament moves to the quarterfinals

The Ring of Honor Women's TV Championship tournament continues on with a newcomer moving into the next round.

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The first round of the ROH Women's Television tournament has been completed. In the first week of matches, fans saw Queen Aminata, Leyla Hirsch, Mercedes Martinez, and Diamanté advance. The second week of the tournament had advancements for Taya Valkyrie, Red Velvet, Abandon, and Billie Starkz. 

On episode 53, the quarter-finals started. The show opened with Valkyrie taking on Queen Aminata. These two were given time and had a great match. Valkyrie nearly picked up the win several times, but in the end, it was “The One and Only” that advanced. 

Following the match, Queen Aminata revealed that her match with Valkyrie was tough. The tournament started with 16 women, it “will end with only one woman and that woman will be the ‘One and Only’ Queen Aminata.”

This was the only tournament in a shortened episode. Fans did get to hear from “The Family”. ATHENA spoke about Nyla Rose being one of the toughest competitors she’s ever faced, but she still overcame here to remain your #ForeverChampion. Starkz interjected that she beat Robyn Renegade in her first tournament match. ATHENA said that Renegade isn’t much competition. 

Starkz said she’d win the whole tournament on her own. ATHENA replied that Starkz “better win the ROH Women’s Television Championship… OR ELSE!” The champion declared “This is our year. This is the Year of M.I.T. This is the Year of Minion Besties. This is the Year of Minion 400,237 ¾. And most of all, this is the Year of The Fallen Goddess.”

Starkz has a lot riding on becoming the inaugural TV champion. However, Queen Aminata has been on a massive run since returning from injury. She’s splitting time between ROH and AEW and picking up wins left and right. Even in losses, she looks strong.

Queen Aminata has quickly become a fan favorite with her hard-hitting style. She could pull an upset and win the whole tournament.