Roman Regins's return is going to be a massive moment

Roman Reigns is set for a huge return which will kick The Bloodline angle into a new chapter.
WrestleMania 40
WrestleMania 40 / WWE/GettyImages

SmackDown is engrossed in the continuance of The Bloodline angle. Solo Sikoa, The Guerrillas of Destiny, and now Jacob Fatu are running wild on Friday nights, demolishing anyone in their way. With tears in his eyes, Paul Heyman became the latest victim. The beating he took closed out the show in near silence. But that silence will be replaced when Roman Reigns returns to resounding cheers. 

For the last few years, Reigns has terrorized the WWE roster. He held onto the championship with an iron fist. He was emphatically the Head of the Table, and that table was all of WWE. But dropping the title to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40 splintered that foundation in a way that reverberates across the show today. 

Fans chant for Roman Reigns’s return, but Solo Sikoa openly claims that he’s not coming back. Sikoa claims that he’s the Head of the Table, acting in place of the Tribal Chief. Who could that be? Well, none other than The Rock of course. But before we get to that moment, the stage is being set for Reigns to walk through that curtain to an ovation of cheers. 

WWE has always seen Roman Reigns as a babyface character. The original path to get there wasn’t working. Vince McMahon’s direction was slowly ruining everything about Reigns. It took for him to go away from TV due to the COVID-19 global pandemic in order for the fans to miss his presence. His return and swing into his heel persona with Paul Heyman by his side kicked off one of the most impressive runs ever seen in professional wrestling. 

But that run is over. At least that chapter. Fans rolled their eyes when Heyman talked about The Bloodline story having more chapters to go, but looking back that will be seen as a more prophetic statement. This next chapter though, has the potential be even more interesting than the last. 

Seeing Reigns return to SmackDown to take his place back is going to be a huge story arc. And don’t forget, there’s the piece of this story where Jimmy and Jey Uso return to Roman’s side to help him. The cheers that came when they split will be nothing compared to the cheers that will come when the family comes back together. Those are the moments that matter in professional wrestling. Roman Reigns and The Usos versus The Bloodline will deliver on that moment. 

WWE fans are waiting with bated breath to see Roman Reigns return to SmackDown. It is the next phase in the story that has kept the wrestling world captivated for the last few years. And it is one that has the potential to deliver in ways WWE fans have wanted from the company for years.