Roman Reigns documentary subtly spoiled WrestleMania XL main event outcome

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Roman Reigns has dominated the professional wrestling world since his return in 2020 as the Tribal Chief. Reigns is leading the most profitable and prolific era in WWE history, and has truly cemented himself as one of the greatest to ever grace the squared circle.

Reigns' dominance (although still ongoing) netted him an episode of A&E's "Biography: WWE Legends", which was executive produced by Paul Heyman and premiered Sunday night.

The documentary not only highlighted the Roman Reigns character but also dove into Reigns' personal life and his journey in becoming the face of the industry that he is today. For savvy wrestling fans who were reading into every fine detail of the documentary (don't lie, it is all of us), there also was a potentially big spoiler for this month's WrestleMania XL main event.

During the biography, Reigns stated that if he is not the top guy then he does not want to be with the WWE. Of course, that is something the Tribal Chief says to stay in character, but is also has wrestling fans breaking out the conspiracy-theory hats about how this may impact his night two main-event match against Cody Rhodes.

Roman Reigns documentary may have spoiled WrestleMania XL main event outcome vs Cody Rhodes

The popular choice is for Cody Rhodes to finally finish his story and win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. What that means for the tag match on night one does not matter. Fans just want to see Rhodes walk out of Philly as the top guy.

Reigns' comments seemingly contradict that desire, and if we really dive into how this main event has come to be, it does not seem like a guarantee that Rhodes will win the belt. After all, WWE was absolutely going to run with Roman vs. Rock before the fan backlash and then developed a smart pivot.

There is no chance that the Rock was going to take the belt off of Reigns, so it is safe to say that Triple H and co. were already planning on Reigns holding the belt after 'Mania. Getting Rhodes into the main event may not change that outcome.

Let's not forget that there is a very obtainable benchmark right around the corner for Reigns and his title run. Reigns can beat Hulk Hogan's 1,474-day reign as WWE Champion if he holds onto the belt until September. With WWE doing all this work to build up Reigns as the face of this generation, it may seem unlikely that the company would end his title run right before reaching that illustrious benchmark.

But if that is the path that WWE wants to take then everyone involved needs to be careful about playing with fire. Fans hardly accepted Rhodes losing last year at WrestleMania; that vitriol response will be far worse this time around if he loses again.

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