Roxanne Perez continues to thrive as heel character

Roxanne Perez's heel persona delivers as the top threat in the WWE NXT women's division.
WWE SummerSlam 2015
WWE SummerSlam 2015 / JP Yim/GettyImages

WWE NXT continues to be the brand where new WWE talent develop and make waves for the future. Roxanne Perez continues to get rave reviews for her performance, specifically now that she’s transitioned to a heel character. It was quite the change for the young performer and one that she’s excelling at just a few months later.

When Perez came into the WWE in 2022, many expected her to thrive. She was only 20 years old and already highly experienced across wrestling. She’d picked up time and major titles in organizations like Ring of Honor, MLW, and Impact Wrestling before WWE came calling, setting up a solid foundation. Still, her growth in WWE’s system in the last two years shows that she’s an exceptionally special talent who can set the tone of women’s wrestling for the next generation.

“I’m highly anticipating that match, just because of what Roxanne has been bringing to the table lately. Her in-ring IQ has literally rocketed all the way to the top,” said Booker-T before Perez’s big match against Jordynne Grace at NXT Battleground. “Her performances in-ring, on-mic has been a total step up. They say that championships make you so much better, and for her, it’s definitely done that job.”

Now, Booker may be a bit biased in that discussion, as he was her primary trainer early in Perez’s career. But even that point is moot simply because of how well Perez continues to perform as the top women’s villain on the show. And she’s playing that role well, even as fans continue to cheer for her each week.

As with nearly anything in professional wrestling, there were some complaints about Perez’s character shift when it initially started in NXT. It’s understandable why she’d be seen as a babyface character more so than not but seeing her expand her abilities into playing a heel has worked out well. WWE has long struggled to consistently build strong babyface characters, but Perez looks to be someone who can play both roles equally well. As WWE looks to solidify its roster for the future, that’s a key skill set that will make her a top player for years to come.

The moment Roxanne Perez stepped into WWE NXT it was clear WWE signed a talented performer. In the two years since, she’s become one of the best women’s performers on the roster, regardless of brand. Watching her develop her heel persona remains a pleasant surprise and creates even more interest in what she’ll pull off in the future.