Samoa Joe must defeat MJF at World's End

Samoa Joe has put together a strong run in All Elite Wrestling, so much so, that he should be the man to take the AEW World Championship at Worlds End.
WWE Live Tokyo
WWE Live Tokyo / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

Maxwell Jacob Friedman has had one of the best reigns as world champion in any wrestling organization.  Defending the title against wrestlers such as Bryan Danielson, Darby Allin, Adam Cole, and Kenny Omega he has made a fantastic run as champion. However, every championship reign does come to an end, and I believe MJF’s current championship will be coming to an end soon.  There is one person who should beat MJF for the AEW World Championship and that is Samoa Joe. 

Samoa Joe has been an unsung hero of AEW in 2023.  While defending the Ring of Honor World Television Championship for much of the year, he has always stayed in the picture for the AEW World Championship. While he did have a title shot against MJF in September and came very close to winning the title, he has stayed focused and dedicated to winning the AEW World Championship and now he is within distance of winning that title.  But why Samoa Joe?

Samoa Joe has put on great matches throughout the year on both pay-per-view events and on weekly television shows.  Defending against challengers such as Mark Briscoe, Dalton Castle, and Shane Taylor to name a few.  Joe is the old-school type of wrestler that is missing in today’s professional wrestling. He is a badass in and out of the ring.  He has a cool demeanor demonstrating that he knows he is good and can beat anybody at any time.  Samoa Joe is no stranger to being a world champion in wrestling.  He held the Ring of Honor World Title for almost two years and the TNA World Title.  Joe is the right guy to take the title from MJF.

Joe has been a fan favorite wherever he has gone.  When he is portrayed as a heel, he is still cheered on by fans all over the world.  Joe has this unique ability to bring power and quickness at the same time to any match he is in.  He’ll more than likely be the biggest guy in the ring and can defeat anyone within a few minutes. Ever since Joe lost to MJF in September his actions have been very fascinating to watch.  He’s almost a hired assassin with a bit of a twist.  He’ll help others out, but that comes at a price and the price for MJF getting help from Samoa Joe is giving him a rematch at the AEW World Championship.

Could Samoa Joe lose on December 30th at World’s End to MJF?  It’s very possible.  MJF is a very dedicated man who will stoop to any level to retain the world title.  But Joe has already wrestled MJF once before and is prepared for all the tricks the champion is ready to deal with. Samoa Joe has been wrestling for over twenty years and has wrestled some of the biggest names in wrestling.  From CM Punk and AJ Styles to Kenta Kobashi and Mitsuharu Misawa, Joe has been in big match situations plenty of times.  At Worlds End, it will be no different.

Joe might be heading towards the end of his career, but he has had a revitalization over the last two years, and he has taken full advantage of every opportunity he has been given.  He is in the main event of the final AEW pay-per-view of 2023 and is one win away from being the new AEW World Champion. He has been on a long and winding road for the better part of twenty years wrestling in ROH, TNA, NXT, WWE, and AEW.  Joe has had a great year, and the year could end with him winning the main event and becoming the new AEW World Champion.

Will history be made at the end of 2023?  Can Samoa Joe defeat MJF in his hometown of Long Island, New York, and become the new AEW World Champion?  To this fan, I believe he absolutely can and could carry AEW into 2024 as a dominating champion who will take on anybody and everybody who fights for the title. While there might be some other wrestlers deserving of taking the title away from MJF, Samoa Joe is the guy to take the title and hopefully, he will do it at World’s End on December 30th.

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