Seth Rollins versus CM Punk versus Drew McIntyre will rule

Drew McIntyre versus CM Punk was already a hot feud and adding in Seth Rollins makes things more interesting.
WWE Money in the Bank
WWE Money in the Bank / WWE/GettyImages

Drew McIntyre is having a tough 2024. He lost the WWE World Championship after holding the belt for about five minutes. He won the 2024 Money in the Bank briefcase, just to turn around and fail a cash-in about an hour later. Both of those moments came at the hands of CM Punk, continuing their blood feud. But the outcome of the title match at the PLE opened the door for Seth Rollins to get involved, kicking things up a notch heading into SummerSlam.

McIntyre versus Punk already had all the heat to be the biggest match in WWE this year. They’ve been going back and forth with each other since January. All thanks to an accidental injury in the Royal Rumble. Punk has screwed McIntyre out of three different moments and Drew is going to want his head much sooner, rather than later.

Rollins adds an unexpected and interesting wrinkle to this angle. He and Punk had real-life issues with each other that WWE played up when the latter made his return at WarGames in 2023. Rollins flew off the handle in what was a well-scripted moment to play up on out-of-the-ring feelings. Fans wondered if the two would throw hands backstage, especially since one of the two has a propensity to do so.

This is a three-way battle that is perfectly timed. Gunther is poised to battle Damian Priest at SummerSlam and the expectation is that he will come out of that match with the championship in tow. Pitting McIntyre, Rollins, and Punk against one another sets up another big match for that card while keeping each of them out of the title picture. Are they completely out of the equation? Absolutely not, but they are far enough out of the picture that a few more months can go by before any of them holds a title of their own.

Then there are the in-ring promos to come. These three men are going to ether one another relentlessly for a few weeks before a massive pull-apart brawl akin to what happened with Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey. There’s a lot of fun to be had here and this feud opens the door.

SummerSlam season is here and there was a need for marquee-defining feuds. CM Punk versus Drew McIntyre versus Seth Rollins is one that turns heads and immediately grabs the attention of fans.