Sheamus should get one last title run

Time is ticking on Sheamus's career and before it is done, he should get one last run at the top of the show.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

WWE has a roster packed with young superstars ready to lead the way for years to come. But there are several veterans on the roster who still have much to offer the game. One of those individuals is Sheamus, who continues to fight back the demons of retirement to give fans hard-hitting battles. While Father Time wins out against everyone, it would be great to see Sheamus getting one more run at the top of the card.

Sheamus lives by the motto that he gives fans “banger after banger.” His battle against Ludwig Kaiser on the June 3 episode of Monday Night Raw is yet another addition to the catalog. A catalog that includes some of the best matches in recent history, and some fantastic contests from years ago. Sheamus can still go and by “go” we mean that he continues to beat the mess out of his opponents to the cheers of fans. Sheamus could be realistically booked to be a champion one more time before his career in WWE is over.

A summertime tradition could be the door that Sheamus walks through to get back to the championship. He won the Money in the Bank briefcase back in 2015, cashing in that briefcase in November on Roman Reigns to get the championship. Almost a decade later, it would be quite a moment to see him get the briefcase once again. But instead of the surprise cash-in tactic he used on Reigns, he could call his shot like Rob Van Dam, setting up a big match at a future PPV. Think about him and Gunther battling one last time. A longshot? Of course, but it’s one of those moments that would put a bow on what has been an already iconic career.

Sheamus has overcome serious injuries that were thought to be career-ending. Twenty years into his professional career he’s still giving out beatings and getting standing ovations. Is there a clear path to him winning a championship at this point? Probably not, but fans would still love to see him get one last title run before everything came to an end. If nothing else, they would certainly get “banger after banger after banger after banger” along the way.