Skye Blue has the potential to be a central part of AEW women's division

Skye Blue is a name that AEW can continue to build within the women's division and one who will be vital to it in the future.
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There’s a youth movement going on across professional wrestling. Several performers under the age of 30 are pushing their way up the roster of the biggest promotions in the world. One such individual is Skye Blue. The Chicago native was quickly tagged as one to watch, and watching is exactly what fans have done. She’s become a central figure in the AEW women’s division and one whose growth will see her reign supreme at some point in the future.

AEW has done an excellent job with Skye’s booking. Even from the start of her time with the company, she wasn’t completely treated like enhancement talent. Instead, she would pick up wins on Dark and Dark Elevation, before being used as a piece in bigger angles on the main shows. Fast forward to December 2023 and it’s clear that the powers behind the scenes see important things for her future.

Kris Statlander is one of the best-protected names on the AEW roster. Even as injuries have hampered her career, the company still makes it a point to book her as a force in the division. Since 2020 her combined record in singles matches is 62 wins and 9 losses. On December 27, Skye Blue became the first woman to defeat Statlander in singles competition in 2023. While it did take assistance from Julia Hart on the outside, that avalanche Code Blue was enough to immediately wipe that from the memories of fans.

Skye Blue should be seen as a key piece for AEW’s future. While she appeals to the male demographic that drives professional wrestling, she has a strong following among female viewers as well. Her social media content continues to drive engagement, and in an industry all about promotion, she’s winning in that arena. Skye is someone that should be poised for some big angles in the years to come and AEW should do all they can to keep her on the roster.

It will be interesting to see where her current arc is headed. Pairing her with Julia Hart is the right move. Hart is another young talent with an amazing ceiling and AEW is in the position to make their relationship one of the central pillars of the women’s division for years to come. Perhaps it will be Blue that ends Hart’s first run as champion in AEW?

All Elite Wrestling continues to do an excellent job highlighting some of the young performers on the roster. Skye Blue is someone who stands to gain from that exposure and she’s excelling in the role she’s fit in today. Her future is bright and her time as champion is soon to come.

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