The Final Testament just isn't working in WWE

The Final Testament continue to be a floundering group in WWE, even as they continue to get more featured time on television.
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There are acts in professional wrestling that are meant for superstardom. Take John Cena for example. He worked as the powerful babyface that eventually transcended the WWE brand. Then there are those acts that just can’t get positive momentum behind them. Enter The Final Testament. This is a group where a lot is going on, but nothing is heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, The Final Testament just doesn’t work in today’s WWE. 

Taken as an individual basis, everything about The Final Testament should work. Karrion Kross looks like a professional wrestler. He’s someone that could stand next to the biggest action stars in the world, and look the part. If someone told a non-WWE or MMA watcher that Kross is a UFC Champion, they’d believe it because he looks the part. Scarlett Bordeaux is a competent wrestler that looks like a superstar in her own right. Then there is AOP with Paul Ellering. This duo should be destroying the field in the tag team division. All these separate pieces have the potential to be major deals in wrestling, but when putting them together - it just doesn’t work. 

Anything of interest that The Final Testament has been involved in has been interesting because of the other party involved. Take the developing angle with The New Day. All the intrigue is around whether Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods will split. Fans could really care less about Kross’s involvement, as that’s a background part of the story. This shouldn’t be the case for a major faction on the show. Compare this to either The Judgment Day or The Bloodline. There’s several reasons to be interested in every member of the group. The Final Testament does not have that at all. 

What’s unfortunate is that splitting up the group doesn’t work at all. Where do any of them fit throughout the WWE without each other? There’s no reason to care about any of the individual pieces at this point because it feels like every aspect of WWE is more interesting without them. Would Kross’s involvement in a title picture matter? Would fans be interested in a feud between him and someone like Sami Zayn? Probably not. Scarlett could make some waves in the women’s division - especially as the group is in need to build up another performer that can have potential as a star. Many have felt that way about Scarlett for years, and it's confusing to see her in such a position, treading water in the WWE. 

It is unfortunate to accept when a performer who has worked hard to gain experience and find success isn’t working any longer. The Final Testament features a group of performers who have each done well in various ways. But at this point in WWE there’s a need for a shift because this presentation just isn’t working.