The TNA/NXT Crossover: Potential Matches

The NXT/TNA Crossover could potentially change the immediate fortunes of both brands. That mutually beneficial relationship should yield intriguing matchups.
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A new working relationship took root when Jordynne Grave confronted Roxanne Perez during NXT's weekly broadcast. Later in the show, Ethan Page attacked Trick Williams, opening the door to exciting new possibilities. NXT feels less like a developmental brand for the first time in years. Similarly, the Rasputin of professional wrestling, TNA refuses to die. For that, they deserve applause for just merely existing. The new working agreement will benefit both participants. Outside of Grace/Perez and Page/Williams, the following matchups could set both companies ablaze with interest.

Je'Von Evans vs. Leon Slater

For an early-in-the-card match, this hits all the familiar notes. The term "mirror match" applies if you play any fighting game. Evans and Slater cannot legally drink in America. So, two young, similarly built high-flyers. How would that look on tape? Suppose the bookers keep the match to ten minutes or less. In that case, fans should see a fast-paced, spot-filled extravaganza that highlights two talents that should play a role in the industry's future over the next decade or so—in a crossover show, going over matters less than looking crisp during the contest.

PCO vs. Joe Coffey

For the former Quebecer Pierre to venture back to the company that buried him twice feels like closure. In 1995, then-wrestler Shawn Michaels used backstage politics to finagle a pinfall win when the company booked a dusty finish. PCO returned to the company three years later, only to look at the ceiling as a glorified enhancement. Now, pitting him against Joe Coffey contrasts to the aerial efforts of Evans and Slater. Instead, PCO and Coffey would engage in an old-school, middle-of-the-ring slugfest. In order for this to capture the desired attention, something in the order of a falls count anywhere match seems right. It was nothing fancy, just two brawlers snugly working in front of a crowd losing their collective minds. The Quebecois legend wins.

Charlie Dempsey vs. Josh Alexander

After his sojourn to All Japan, Dempsey needs an opponent to elevate his game to show the world what AJPW saw in him. They allowed him to go over Tatsumi Fujinami which should instantly make his career. Charlie Dempsey currently flounders with the No Quarter Catch Crew., a faction of legit shooters that lack charisma. With his pedigree and technical ability, an opponent like Josh Alexander fills the bill. In Alexander, you see the consummate professional wrestler, able to use a myriad of styles and work at different paces. While not the action-filled matches that the first three provide, a technical masterpiece now and then would definitely hype the crowd.

Tatum Paxley vs. Su Yung

For the fans of the dark, creepy aspects of wrestling, this match satisfies. Paxley, despite being a phenomenal powerlifter, presents herself as the slightly unhinged, completely obsessed competitor. Meanwhile, Su Yung presents as an actual, wholly unhinged athlete. With all due respects to the wrestling persists, occasionally embracing the crazy is fun. The seventeen-year veteran Yung will spotcall for the relative newcomer Paxley. With that said, Paxley gains reps and a respect facing a veteran and developing her persona, already laden with potential.

Hammerstone vs. Oba Femi

For the first time in his career, the NXT North American champion faces someone stronger than he is. Granted, this match lacks the brawling aspect of the previous one. However, think of the power move potential. Despite the gap in experience, fans could benefit from a contest that looks collision-heavy and full of gasps and chanting. For Oba Femi, he needs to learn to also work with bigger and stronger competition, in order to balance out his approach. Furthermore, this match will teach him to work from underneath. The Nightmare Pendulum seals the deal for Hammerstone.

Masha Slamovich vs. Lola Vice

In NXT, the rocket appears strapped to Vice's back. As a result, the a need for an actual opponent to test her in-ring surfaces. With Slamovich, Vice finds an opponent that uses such a varied and diverse skillset. From German suplexes to running kicks, Slamovich's offense and its ensuing pacing makes this fight fun. Vice uses a paint-by-numbers approach to offense and selling. Within this contest, she needs to keep up and sell with actual credibility. Slamovich needs to go over in this case as Vice still needs quality seasoning. Additionally, a brutal match enhances Vice's profile.

Joe Hendry vs. Drew McIntyre

Now, McIntyre currently works on Raw, showcasing vignettes where Hendry continuously trolls McIntyre would definitely draw interest. The two Scots could build this entire match around which wrestler fits as a better representation of Scotland. First, just envision the promo work from both as NXT/TNA allows for a small build. Hendry backs up his elite snark disposition with an athletic ring style with flashes of power moves like his "Standing Ovation", a twisting chokebomb. On the world stage, this match could pack the house and surprise with the physicality surrounding it. Both companies win with top European stars closing the shows and reaching out to that popular market.