Three candidates to be the first to hold the NXT Women's North American Championship

In case you missed this part of NXT Stand & Deliver PLE on Saturday, NXT GM Ava announced that soon the brand will be crowning the first-ever NXT Women's North American Champion.
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WWE NXT continues to make exciting moves to enhance the brand. In addition to naming Ava the new General Manager of the brand (youngest ever in WWE history), they also become the first brand to announce a women's midcard title. If you've read any of my past work, you'll know my excitement level for this -- if you haven't well I've only been requesting this for at least a year or two now.

One could assume this is on its way to the main roster as well, but for now, NXT will be the first. It makes total sense, especially since NXT's women's division is more stacked than the others, and they put more focus on the division overall as well. With this announcement, one couldn't help but speculate and wonder who could be crowned the first-ever NXT Women's North American Champion. I've got three candidates that stand out as a great way to begin this new era in WWE.

Lola Vice

Lola Vice won the NXT Women's Breakout Tournament last year at Halloween Havoc to earn herself a shot at any title of her choosing. There were no longer any NXT Women's Tag Team titles, so her only choice would be to utilize that contract against a freshly crowned NXT Women's Champion in Lyra Valkyria. She used her opportunity to make a title match between Valkyria and Perez, making it a triple threat for the NXT Women's Championship. Vice fell short and she was forced back to the drawing board.

It is clear that WWE sees a future star in Vice otherwise she wouldn't have won the Breakout Tournament. Now that there will be a mid-card title for the women's division in NXT, it will be a perfect opportunity for up-and-coming stars like Vice to build up their characters. Vice winning the belt instantly puts her back where she was when she won the Breakout Tournament.

Thea Hail

Thea Hail is quickly becoming the top babyface of the women's division in NXT. The crowd loves her every week and her in-ring ability has improved significantly over the past year. She is the heart and soul of Chase U and is currently in the midst of a great feud with Jacy Jayne. Hail has had one opportunity at the NXT Women's Championship against Tiffany Stratton, who was the champion at the time. Although she failed to win the title, she impressed the WWE Universe in the fact she technically made Stratton tap out in the match.

After her showing at NXT Stand & Deliver, she is ready for a further push in the women's division.

Hail becoming the first-ever NXT Women's North American Champion would also be a record that would likely never be broken. Hail is still only 20 years old and it's hard to imagine anyone younger winning the belt. Once she puts her feud with Jayne in the past, she will be a front-runner to win the title as well.

Lash Legend

Many will say this title is below Lash Legend's talent level at this stage in her tenure in NXT. She's been on the brand and splitting time on NXT Level Up for a while, but since the creation of the entertaining faction of Meta Four, Legend has become one of the top women in the division on the brand. Whether it was picking up 330-pound Otis of Alpha Academy, or her performance at NXT Deadline last year, Legend has become one of those heels that makes it hard to root against them.

She has all the tools honestly. Great in the ring, great on the mic, great character overall. Honestly, she just needs more TV time to showcase it. Recently, she has gotten more opportunities on Tuesdays and gets more cheers than boos these days. With that being said, the crowd would go ballistic if Legend was to become the first NXT Women's North American Champion. It would be one of those, "It's about time" moments. Although she is technically a heel, her applause and cheers make the moment that much more memorable.