Three WWE superstars in line for a push post-WrestleMania 40

The big showcase is finally here, and with so much on the line these are three names that should come out of the event with momentum heading their way.
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WrestleMania 40 weekend is here. The matches are set. The media obligations are done. Now, it’s time to see who walks out of the two-night event with titles and momentum in tow. At the same time, eyes are already looking toward to the future to see who will get a boost after the big PLE. These are three names that should be at the front of the line to get major post-WrestleMania pushes up the roster.

Tiffany Stratton

The fans love Tiffany Stratton. So much so, that it seems difficult for WWE to continue her on the trajectory of being a heel. Even as she plays that character so well, she is met with resounding cheers for her every appearance. WWE has kept her momentum quiet after Elimination Chamber, giving space for WrestleMania to come and go. But once the show is over the top champion on SmackDown will need a new foil and the build should begin for Stratton to move her way up the ladder.


Andrade is back in WWE. He returned at Royal Rumble and fans are ready to see what’s next for the former NXT Champion. He didn’t quite get the pish that most wanted to see in All Elite Wrestling, and WWE seems interested in not making that same mistake. He’s currently linked in an angle involving Judgment Day, LWO, and Legado del Fantasma. He’s booked to team with Rey Mysterio against Santos Escobar and Dominick Mysterio, and it looks like he may be heading toward an angle with Carlito coming out of that. Look for Andrade to get a push coming out of WrestleMania that should see him capture a singles title before the year is over.

Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed is one who picked up the win in the 2024 Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Since his return fans have wondered when his true push will begin. There are several examples when it seemed like his creative direction was more stop-and-go, rather than a consistent build toward the top. Seth Rollins’s injury kept him off the Elimination Chamber card, and since then he’s sat in the mid-card picture. The Andre Battle Royal hasn’t translated into much for the past winners, but 2024 should be the year that changes with Reed getting a big push coming out of WrestleMania 40.