Top 3 Moments from the WWE Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is always about exciting moments and these are the biggest three from the first PLE of 2024.
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The Royal Rumble holds placement as the official start to Wrestlemania season. Arguably the most fun and consistently a fan favorite among wrestling fans. I was able to experience this year’s Royal Rumble in person at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

These top 3 moments let you know its Mania season

The atmosphere was breathtaking, and the card delivered from start to finish, while producing the popular moments that get you ready for the showcase of the immortals in April. Here are the best moments from an unforgettable evening.

Jade Cargill has Arrived

Every fan in Tropicana Field and all watching around the world collectively stopped when entrant number 28 walked out during the Women’s Royal Rumble. Jade Cargill made her WWE in-ring debut and absolutely left her mark. Cargill, entering seemingly the same theme she utilized in AEW, looked every bit of a superhero in her WWE presentation.

Cargill hit the ring and took out Nia Jax all on her own, which is a huge barometer of how Jade is viewed internally. Since returning Jax has been on an absolute warpath and has yet to lose a singles match. Jade dispatched the irresistible force rather easily en route to a final-four appearance in her first Women’s Rumble.

While the stage is set for a possible rivalry with Jax, there is a glimpse of what could be after a moment of gamesmanship with Bianca Belair. That is a dream match waiting to happen whenever the company decides to pull the trigger. Also, while everyone is fantasy-booking Jade’s first match, it would be wise to not overlook the superstar who eliminated her from the Rumble, Liv Morgan. Once upon a time, a storm was coming, it’s now here.

Uce vs Uce

The beginning of the men’s Royal Rumble revisited the Bloodline’s sibling rivalry. Jey and Jimmy Uso drew numbers one and two respectively. Jey once again deserves an Oscar for the emotion displayed once he sees his brother approach the ring as his first adversary. The tension displayed between the twins set the stage for what will be a match-of-the-year candidate in Philadelphia at Wrestlemania.

The execution to arrive at this moment needs more appreciation, as both brothers have not crossed paths whatsoever since Jey walked out and was ultimately traded to the Raw brand. Save for a brief encounter during a WWE Live Event when Jimmy arrived for a match after Jey completed one. The storytelling over the next few months can build something special that both siblings have wanted since their youth.

R-Truth steals the show

R-Truth has been in a comedic role for the company. He delivered perhaps the most memorable moments of Royal Rumble weekend. Truth added to his brilliant catalog of laughs by first making a surprise entry into the Women’s Royal Rumble. His music would hit during Valhalla’s entrance at number 24 and Truth would hit the ring to a stunned look, questioning “Where are the guys at” before being tossed by Nia Jax.

Later in the show, Truth would enter at his actual time, following his somewhat Judgement Day stablemate, JD McDonough. In perfect fashion costing him the Rumble by helping him enter the Rumble before he was ready. But that wasn’t all, the confusion around the Rumble rules persisted as Truth jumped on the apron looking for a tag from Domenick. This perfectly crafted moment likely made the Rumble for many, as when Truth finally received the tag, he went on to perform the moves of his childhood idol, John Cena. R-Truth is everything about pro wrestling that makes it fun, and he’s amid one of the best runs of his career. From top-selling merchandise to hilarious segments, the WWE Universe can’t get enough of R-Truth.