Trinity expected to return to WWE and deserves praise for outside success

News broke that Trinity's time with IMPACT Wrestling is coming to a close and expectations are for her to return to WWE in what would be a big move.
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Women’s wrestlers are dominating the headlines heading into 2024. Mercedes Mone Watch might be the biggest story the industry is following, but she’s not the only individual with moves on the radar. Deonna Purrazzo and Kamille are two former champions who may pop up in new promotions soon. But another big name is potentially heading back to old stomping grounds as expectations are that Trinity is planning to return to WWE.

On Tuesday, January 2, Fightful Select reported that the artist currently known as Trinity and formerly known as Naomi may be back on the market soon and WWE is attempting to lock down her return. According to sources in the report, Trinity is expected to be a free agent very soon. She first appeared in IMPACT Wrestling on April 28, before capturing the IMPACT Knockouts Championship by defeating Purrazzo at Slammiversary on July 15. Since then, she’s successfully defended the title against Purrazzo two more times, Mickie James, and Alisha Edwards. Trinity is scheduled to defend the Knockouts title against Jordynne Grace on January 13.

Trinity and Mone rocked the wrestling world when they walked out of WWE back in May 2022. Fans have kept their eyes on Mone, who went on to a successful run in New Japan and is expected to sign with AEW soon. But Trinity found her success as well. Seeing her return to WWE could be seen as another win for her, coming back in a more valuable position than when she left. A WWE source told Fightful “Something huge would have to happen for her to not end up back in WWE sooner than later, but this is a crazy free agent period.”

Trinity deserves praise for what she was able to do. Betting on herself and leaving WWE was a big step, well before there was any inclination that Vince McMahon would be out of his position of power as seen today. Fans have long wanted Trinity to get the respect that she deserves. The respect that eluded her as a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion.

If the company does re-sign her in 2024, it will be interesting to see where she fits into today’s roster. WWE’s women's division is slowly heading in a better position, with more women being featured each week, more matches, and more time allotted to those contests. She could fit on any show but with her husband on SmackDown, which is where she would probably land. Trinity in The Bloodline? Potentially, but that angle seems to be winding down and it would be better to see her arrive and thrive on her own. Even a run in WWE NXT where she could take that championship would capture attention.

The 2024 free agency chase is going to be a fun story to watch all year. Trinity is one of the names that fans will be excited to see, even though many weren’t aware that her time with IMPACT was coming to a close.