Will Ospreay is the best wrestler in the world

Will Ospreay's track record speaks for itself and he deserves to be considered the best in the world.
New Japan Pro-Wrestling - Wrestle Kingdom 18 in Tokyo Dome
New Japan Pro-Wrestling - Wrestle Kingdom 18 in Tokyo Dome / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

Will Ospreay versus Swerve Strickland is the main event for AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door III. In what was a surprise announcement, it quickly became apparent that Tony Khan is putting out what many consider to be one of the biggest matches available in the promotion. The promo segment on June 19 showed that there’s much more on the line between these two men, as they are also fighting to be considered the best in the world. That’s a title that Will Ospreay firmly holds in his grasp.

Before signing with AEW, Ospreay was known as a five+ star machine. Whether you take Dave Meltzer’s ratings as gospel or just one man’s opinion, the fact remains that Ospreay has been getting five-star ratings from him time and time again. His time in New Japan Pro Wrestling and beyond has elevated Ospreay to a level that is off the charts, at least those that are measured in this way.

Look at the evidence. Multiple-time champion, frequently holding several belts at once. Victories over the biggest names in the industry. Matches that hit in ways few thought were still possible in professional wrestling. His catalog truly can’t be compared to at this stage, and he’s only adding to it nearly every week. Even more interesting is that in AEW, Ospreay is developing into more of a character and showing a personality that was possibly missing during his time in other companies. He’s bringing everything together at once.

Should Swerve stake his claim to that position? Absolutely. That is what makes this feud feel important. Strickland has long been overlooked. Whether it was during his run with WWE, or his initial time in All Elite Wrestling, Strickland has had to constantly remind the wrestling world that his name is among the top. But like that strong line from Ospreay during their back and forth, Ospreay has put together a list of victories that few in the game can even hope to compare.

On June 30, Will Ospreay and Swerve Strickland will battle for the AEW World Championship. It’s a title whose prestige continues to climb in just five years since its inception. But it isn’t the only championship that is on the line. If Strickland wins, he may attempt to claim that he’s the best in the world, when in reality, he’ll have a lot of work to do in order to catch up to the record that Ospreay has put together.