WWE 2K24: 6 interesting wrestler ratings

WWE 2K24 has posted their wrestler ratings, which tell gamers how powerful (or valued) a wrestler is. The number may be arbitrary, but it tells a story about how the company views their talent.
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The WWE 2k24 roster has dropped and some of the top names have some interesting character ratings.

1. AJ Styles

AJ Styles is an 85 in WWE 2K24. Any wrestler in the 80s is generally favored as main event worthy, but not the company's hot commodity. This rating for AJ is accurate because he has stayed out of the main stories. He is confined to helping talent get over, but he is far from a jobber. The most interesting part of AJ's number is that it was 89 in WWE 2K23. Is the Phenomenal One phasing out of the limelight? After his loss to Seth Rollins for the World Title at Night of Champions in 2023, WWE might have shown that AJ Styles is not a fresh chicken anymore.

To put his number in perspective, Dominik Mysterio is 83.

2. Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso

Roman Reigns' favorite click, The Usos, has an interesting imbalance between their scores. Jimmy Uso is 84, while Jey Uso is 90. The former tag team has been in some crazy stories in 2023, but this number shows a gap between a team that was once thought of as equals. Jimmy was the one who gave Reigns a superkick to the face at Night of Champions to signify a face turn. Maybe Roman Reigns is in charge of the rankings and he is punishing his former teammate.

Then I see that Solo Sikoa has an 86. It would seem that Jey is removing himself from the mid-card, while the other Samoans stay put.

3. Becky, Rhea, and Bianca

Currently, three WWE women are in their 90s. Becky Lynch is 92, Rhea Ripley is 96, and Bianca Belair is 95. These are the powerhouses of WWE 2K24. Bayley is sitting beneath them with an 85. The numbers have not been revealed for Asuka, Charlotte Flair, or Chyna, which might break the 90s. WWE has put all their eggs in the Becky, Rhea, and Bianca basket, signifying that they are rare precious metals. Rhea has the highest power rating compared to Brock Lesnar's. Is she considered the best female wrestler in the WWE universe?

4. Alba Fyre, Zelina Vega, and Chelsea Green

No one can argue that Alba, Chelsea, and Zelina are hustling to get into the spotlight. As females were at the top of their careers (and loved by the wrestling community), WWE saw it fit to give them ratings in the 70s. Alba is 74, Chelsea is 75, and Zelina is 74. The 70s represent a purgatory for most wrestlers on the list. It means that WWE still wants to use you, but they have not found a way to make you a showstopper. They probably won't be in any main events if their numbers stay the same. Are Alba, Zelina, and Chelsea being given the push they deserve?

5. The Legends (and their lack of ratings)

It is always interesting to see how WWE defines the word legends. WWE 2K24 has some very fun choices for that category. So far, Ultimate Warrior has the highest rating at 92. I wonder how that will compare with the three versions of Hogan that are available. Most of the legends are unrated as I type this, but we know that The Rock, Steve Austin, and Batista are going to rate highly.

Some interesting "legends" are coming with a pre-order. Players will be rewarded with Undashing Cody Rhodes (with face mask), Stardust, Mattel Cody Rhodes (action figure), Dusty Rhodes 76', and Superstar Billy Graham. If Dusty Rhodes 76' does not break the 90s then Cody might have some words for management.

Let's not forget that players will be treated with Uncle Howdy, Tyler Breeze, and Muhammad Ali as selectable WWE legends.

6. Post Malone and Logan Paul(????)

So many questions enter my mind as I think about Post Malone as a DLC. What is Post Malone's finisher? What kind of wrestler is he (lucha, submissions, power)? Will his numbers reflect Bad Bunny's? When will Ed Sheeran get his own DLC? Remember how fans loved Fred Durst as an unlockable character in WWF Raw for Xbox? So many questions.

While we are on that topic, Logan Paul has a score of 90. He had some great matches in 2023, but is WWE ready to put him in the same lineup as Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins? That seems kind of generous for a wrestler who has not touched a title yet and had an 83 last year. Just for clarity, WWE puts Kevin Owens (86), Ricochet (81), LA Knight (88), Drew McIntyre (89) and Finn Balor (87) below him. This also puts him as an equal to Gunther.

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