Dijak's time at the top of WWE NXT is upon us

Dijak has been on quite the run in NXT and it's time that he is slotted at the top to lead the brand soon after Stand & Deliver.
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WWE NXT is seen as the home where new wrestlers get their reps and break through to potential main roster attractions. It’s also the space where those from the main roster can get a second run and perhaps breathe new life into their WWE tenure. The latter is true for Dijak, who is in the middle of an amazing run in NXT. He deserves recognition for what he’s doing in the ring and what he’s doing outside of it as well.

So, here’s the thing with Dijak. He’s been with the WWE since 2017, and along the way, he’s found a way to remain relevant in the space in the face of some ridiculous booking thrown his way. Yes, T-Bar stands out as the primary example, but even during his initial run in NXT, he was treated as a background character. Look back to his angle with Karrion Kross which was meant to elevate the impending battle with Keith Lee. Dijak was used to further that story rather than telling his own. It was a pattern that kept him in place. That is until this run where he’s poised to break through.

Dijak has been on a tear. Since mid-2023, Dijak has been one of those names in WWE that can be counted on to put out a fantastic match, many times stealing the show. His Last Man Standing match with Ilja Dragunov is seen as the starting point, but since then he’s had several top matches with the likes of Joe Gacy, Eddy Thorpe, Wes Lee, Tyler Bate, and others. In the words of Snoop Dogg, “He don’t miss.”

But even more so, its personality on social media continues to shine through in a way that has surprised many. Whether it’s roasting his colleagues in WWE, or ratioing fans who tweet foolishness at him, Dijak continues to light people up in a way that can’t be ignored.

With that growing momentum, Dijak should be in line for a title run of his own. NXT has done a great job protecting current champions and transitioning them into new positions when the time comes. Dijak is the right person to help transition between what should be Dragunov’s great campaign as champion into that of a future champion in Trick Williams. Dragunov and Dijak already have a history that can be played upon and the latter has won several matches since their back-and-forth, making it an understandable argument that he would be a top contender. Giving Dijak that big win would allow Dragunov to head off to other things (hopefully a main roster spot), while Dijak and Williams turn toward an important angle after Stand & Deliver through the months to come.

Dijak deserves recognition for the work he’s done in WWE NXT. Whether it’s on the camera or social media, he remains an entertaining figure. While he was surprising people at first, that consistency he’s shown in the last year should see him pushed into a position that allows him to grab a title of his own, and eventually lead NXT into its next phase throughout 2024.