WWE further collaborating is a good thing for wrestling business

WWE seems to be more interested in partnering with other companies, and this has the ability to have a positive impact on the business.
Friday Night SmackDown
Friday Night SmackDown / WWE/GettyImages

WWE has long been the leader in sports entertainment. It’s the largest company in the world when it comes to professional wrestling and its bottom line reflects that. That created some unfortunate practices that impacted the industry, such as the company’s unwillingness to collaborate with other organizations; often time taking action to outright hurt their business. It looks as if things are changing as reports continue to grow that WWE is interested in more collaboration with other promotions.

In fact, WWE has already put this practice into place. Charlie Dempsey took part in three matches for AJPW earlier this year and participated in Bloodsport X during WrestleMania Weekend. That was the same card where Shayna Baszler versus Masha Slamovich stole the show. While many people complain about WWE superstars, seeing those performers on other stages still creates a “cool” moment worth seeing.

But what does this look like in the future? According to PWInsider, WWE and TNA have continued to communicate about future opportunities, even after Scott D’Amore’s shocking exit earlier this year. Jordynne Grace took part in the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble, and that does not look like the last time these companies will work together.

Of course, there’s the question about the possibility of All Elite Wrestling and WWE working together. As fans rage about this concocted “war,” the reality is that these two companies are always interested in doing what is best for the bottom line. A joint effort between AEW and WWE would do massive numbers for the business but it still seems like a far-off dream.

“It’s an interesting thought,” said Tony Khan when asked about the idea of partnering with WWE by Liam Crowley of ComicBook.com. “It would depend on the circumstance.”

That circumstance may never come, but just imagine the reaction seeing individuals like Will Ospreay take on Seth Rollins or Mercedes Mone and Jade Cargill in a big match. The foundations of the wrestling business would shake.

One of the main points of 2024 so far is that competition is best for business. Competition allows performers and employees to seek out the opportunities that fit their needs best, creating the space to get the contracts they desire. WWE collaborating with more organizations in professional wrestling would have a similar positive effect on the business. Seeing the diehard AEW fanbase rally to support that company up against WWE, while the WWE uses the strength of its promotional muscle to build the show; that would benefit everyone involved.

Will it ever happen? It doesn’t seem likely, but several things that didn’t seem likely in professional wrestling have all happened within the last few years, so don’t completely bet against WWE diving further into collaborating with the competition.