WWE must build Dragon Lee as a star of the future

Dragon Lee has all the tools and WWE must start dedicating the time to make him the star of the next generation.
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Dragon Lee is the future of lucha libre in WWE. His 2023 surprise signing shocked much of the wrestling community. One year later, fans are wondering why they are getting less of Lee on TV. He and Finn Balor put on a spectacular match during the June 3 episode of WWE Raw, which was yet another example that Lee needs to be booked as a future pillar of the promotion.

Dragon Lee is just 29 years old with 10 years of experience in the ring. He’s achieved so much competing across some of the biggest organizations in wrestling including CMLL, AAA, AEW, NJPW, ROH, and several others. Much like another young talent in Roxanne Perez, Lee came into the WWE with enough talent and experience to make him an immediate threat on the main roster. Unfortunately, that hasn’t translated as quickly as some thought it would. Hopefully, this angle between the LWO and Judgment Day will turn that situation around.

Balor versus Lee was a fun match. Imagine getting Lee against JD McDonough, Damian Priest, and even the implications of a match between him and Dominick Mysterio. Dom’s father, Rey has already ordained Lee as the future of lucha libre and that is the storyline to help progress that idea.

Even beyond that match, there are several other ways that Lee should be incorporated right around the upper-mid-card throughout 2024. Imagine him taking part in the 2024 Money in the Bank ladder match. The highlights are already editing themselves.

Dragon Lee has the potential to take the legacy that Rey Mysterio has been building for almost 30 years and push that to another level. While Mysterio reached championship status, he was never truly booked as the top guy. Fans, especially children, loved everything that he did. But he was seen as the underdog who never truly was booked as a threat. Lee can be that guy that’s an excellent highflyer, but with Triple H’s creative direction he should be presented as a top star. He checks all the boxes, and now is the time to set those wheels into motion.

While some fans complain about AEW having a roster too packed for the amount of television time available, WWE is in a remarkably similar position. Before June 3 it had been almost three months since Lee had a televised match. That should never happen with someone as talented as this performer and it’s time for WWE to dedicate more TV time to his build as a star of the future.