Drew McIntyre would have an exceptional run in All Elite Wrestling

Drew McIntyre does not have a signed deal with WWE and if he leaves the company he would find more success as a part of AEW.
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2024 is already slotted to be one of the biggest years in wrestling free agency. Several top names have contracts ending or are already jumping to new companies. Individuals such as Guilia, Mercedes Mone, Alex Hammerstone, Trinity Fatu, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, and others have already been named. Drew McIntyre is a big part of the WWE roster and it looks like his deal is another that’s coming up. If he were to leave WWE for AEW this would be a huge move and in many ways a continuation of the character that he’s “playing” on Monday Night Raw.

PWInsider reported on Tuesday, January 9 that Drew McIntyre has yet to come to terms with WWE on a new deal. McIntyre was one of the first big names mentioned to be in contract talks, going back to the summer of 2023. It will be interesting to see what happens with his deal as the organization just brought in CM Punk, is possibly looking to lock in Lynch and Rollins to long-term deals, and just put big deals together for names like Charlotte Flair, Zelina Vega, and Bayley. But if McIntyre were to leave for All Elite Wrestling, it would be an exceptional story in professional wrestling.

McIntyre’s character work since before Survivor Series has been fantastic. McIntyre’s not the babyface he once was, but he’s tipping into the shades of grey area perfectly. He’s the bad guy that has a good point. After years of being screwed over and being the face of the company during the COVID-19 pandemic, McIntyre’s push to put himself first has put him at odds with the top babyfaces on the show. Every time he cuts a promo there’s a bit of “eh, he’s not wrong,” in what he delivers. While his actions can be taken the wrong way, they align with his words so well. That story has legs outside of WWE as well.

Everything that McIntyre is playing the heel for on WWE Raw could make him a babyface in AEW. Continuing the story that he left the company as they begged for him to stay because he didn’t want to deal with the screw jobs any longer would work. Think of it as a modern-day Bret Hart angle, without the actual Screwjob and backstage punches to the face. Again, allow McIntyre to be the angry individual who is in AEW upset at his treatment in WWE but without the overdone shots at the other company. It would be interesting to see how this character would translate into a new organization with new matches to see.

Competition and free agency create a space where organizations can’t or won’t pay performers what they want. That opens the door for those athletes to get their worth from other companies. If WWE and Drew McIntyre can’t come to an agreement, and he jumps to AEW, that would be a compelling story to watch unfold based on his current trajectory in WWE.