WWE needs to get the tag titles off Awesome Truth

Seeing The Miz and R-Truth win at WrestleMania 40 was a fun moment, but it is time to get those titles onto a team that matters today.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

WWE is rebuilding professional wrestling after years of neglect under Vince McMahon’s lackadaisical creative direction. One story heading into WrestleMania 40 was about R-Truth picking up his first win at the showcase, capturing the WWE World Tag Team Championship with The Miz. It was fun and games watching them pick up those titles, but now that time has passed, WWE needs to get the titles off them and onto a better team.

The Miz and R-Truth are a team that fits the previous creative direction for WWE. They are a comedy-first group, and while fun they do not fit into where WWE is headed today. The show has consistently improved each week with stronger production, storytelling, and matches. Awesome Truth are Hall of Famers in their own right, but let’s get the belts onto a team that matters and into a story that helps build the division.

And building the division should be the focal point. Even though tag team wrestling doesn’t get the attention it should, WWE has a strong division that can’t be discredited. There are several teams that are not only a pairing of great characters but can put on strong matches. It’s time to move away from featuring them in multi-team matches, rather than giving them weekly stories to build their contendership.

Looking at the division, The Creeds should be the duo to defeat Awesome Truth. Unfortunately, that match is seemingly a while away, as they are heading into an angle where they are expected to become Chad Gable’s newest faction. When given the opportunity, Julius and Brutus remind fans why they were so excited to see them called up to the main roster, even if that momentum has dwindled. Seeing them turn, join Gable, and become a group that holds the tag and Intercontinental titles would be a boost to all involved.

Then there are other teams that would benefit from getting the title off Awesome Truth. DIY and New Catch Republic are the first two that come to mind. The New Day and LWO are further back thanks to being involved in other feuds, but their opportunities are a few matches away as well.

All that aside, the point is that the Awesome Truth story has run its course. A fun moment was achieved at WrestleMania. Truth and Miz can still find a place on weekly episodes, but please get those World Tag Team titles off them and move them onto a team that needs the push.