WWE: Nia Jax Will Be The Biggest Obstacle For Liv Morgan

WWE Raw is scheduled to take place on April 22, 2024, live on USA, and Nia Jax will be the biggest obstacle to Liv Morgan en route to WWE Backlash 2024.
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WWE Raw is continuing its road to Backlash, and one of the matches that have been officially scheduled is a high-stakes Battle Royal to determine the new World Women's Champion after Rhea Ripley vacated the title last week. Rhea Ripley held the championship in dominant fashion for 380 days, which is the same length as John Cena's longest WWE Title reign back in the Ruthless Aggression Era. Ripley won that title from Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39 after winning the Royal Rumble in 2023 and truly solidified her reign by defeating Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 40.

As soon as she was about to lead Judgment Day into another year of her title reign, everything collapsed when Liv Morgan's revenge tour kicked into high gear on the Raw after WrestleMania. Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan have a ton of history. They were former tag team champions together. Liv Morgan was still the last individual to pin Rhea Ripley clean, which took place on Raw in 2022. They were even the final two in the Royal Rumble in 2023, where Ripley prevailed. However, what struck a nerve in Liv was that Ripley took Liv out of commission on the July 24, 2023, episode of Raw.

Ever since then, Liv Morgan has been on a revenge tour to topple Ripley and become World Champion for the second time in her career. However, since she lost to Becky Lynch inside the Chamber and did not earn her title shot against Ripley at WrestleMania 40, she took matters into her own hands and took Ripley out of commission on the Raw after WrestleMania, forcing Ripley to relinquish the championship. From a storyline standpoint, this thereby leaves no choice but for Liv Morgan to become the next Women's World Champion. However, she has to earn it in a battle royal.

The two women who have the best chances of winning the high stake battle royal on Raw are Liv Morgan and Nia Jax, who have both been heavily involved in the main event scene of the Raw Women's Division and were the only ones interviewed about the vacant title situation last week on Raw. Since Liv is the one who took former world champ, Rhea Ripley, out of commission in this long-term revenge tour storyline, she has the best story to win the title and hold the title until Ripley returns from injury. However, Nia Jax is the biggest, most formidable obstacle in her path to doing so.

Nia Jax has had a very successful return to WWE in contrast to her prior run, in which she had a notorious history for injuring wrestlers in the ring. She has significantly improved in the ring and has proved that in epic main event matches with the likes of Becky Lynch on Day 1 in January and with the former World Women's Champion, Rhea Ripley, at WWE Elimination Chamber. As much as fans do not want to admit it, Nia Jax is quite frankly championship material right now, as she has garnered insurmountable heel heat that just cannot be replicated in that women's division to this day.

Many fans are expecting Liv to win this battle royal to finish the story and take the title Ripley had, but it can sometimes be more fruitful to give the chasing babyface/tweener a little more adversity before achieving the top prize. Just like Cody Rhodes had to lose to Roman Reigns at Mania 39, and run through Brock Lesnar, Judgment Day, and The Rock to eventually finish the story at Mania 40, Liv Morgan could go through the same process with Nia Jax, who can win the battle royal and be Liv's biggest obstacle on the road to SummerSlam, a bigger stage where she can topple Jax for the title.

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