WWE NXT is the best weekly wrestling show on television

WWE NXT checks many of the boxes for what fans of both professional wrestling and sports entertainment want to see every week.
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Professional wrestling is always more fun when there are surprises and overall joy in what happens on television. The May 28 edition of WWE NXT is a prime example of said joy. The show featured a well-known celebrity, major surprises, and a lot of wrestling action. A few years ago, it would have been an outright lie to make the claim that NXT is the best wrestling product on television each week. But halfway through 2024, this show deserves consideration when it comes to talking about the best product from all major promotions.

WWE NXT has been on the right course for more than a year. Ever since Shawn Michaels took over the product, his creative vision has slowly improved WWE’s developmental brand. Many will point to the early days of Black & Gold NXT as the best version of the product, but this iteration has seemingly found the perfect mix of excellent wrestling, characters, and sports entertainment. There are so many things the product does right each week that it is getting hard to ignore.

For example, there’s a large contingent of professional wrestling fans who want to see women’s wrestling get its due in the spotlight. While other shows stick to one women’s match a night, or neglect women’s stories outside the title picture, WWE NXT does an excellent job featuring the talented, young performers on the roster. It’s become commonplace for the weekly show to feature more women’s matches and segments than it does for the men. WWE NXT is even introducing a mid-card title for the women’s division as the main roster is in desperate need for one. Layer that on top of the prevalence of women of color standing in the spotlight, and there’s a lot to like with how this show features the ladies each week.

Then there’s the professional wrestling. For years, WWE’s best matches happened in NXT. The Black & Gold era was one thing, but that continued with names like Ilja Dragunov, Dijak, Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, and more. While the WWE Draft pulled many of those names away, there is still great action happening on these cards. The surprise announcement of Jordynne Grace versus Roxanne Perez at NXT Battleground is surely to be an addition to that growing catalog. Those who want to see great wrestling can also find something to enjoy within the product.

Another thing WWE NXT continues to do well is the element of surprise. Both Grace and Ethan Page made shocking appearances on the latest episode, but these aren’t the only surprises that came with little leaks before. Take Wes Lee’s return to action after an injury that was expected to keep him out of action for a year. Wrestling media pays close attention to NXT, but the show has done a great job keeping things silent to bring back that air of surprise when necessary.

Professional wrestling is supposed to be fun. The online community might cause more headaches than necessary, but there’s still a lot to like in the industry. WWE NXT has quietly become one of those weekly highlights and surprisingly is the best show out of all the major products on television.