WWE Raw Predictions: Liv Morgan Will Send Becky Lynch To AEW

WWE Raw is scheduled to take place on May 27 2024, live on USA, and Liv Morgan Will Send Becky Lynch To AEW en route to WWE Backlash 2024.
WWE King and Queen of the Ring
WWE King and Queen of the Ring / WWE/GettyImages

WWE Raw is kickstarting its road to Clash at the Castle 2024, and WWE has already confirmed one World Title Match for said PPV: Damian Priest (c) vs. Drew McIntyre for the World Title. It looks like rematch clauses are back in the WWE because Drew McIntyre has a statutory rematch clause after losing his World Title in five minutes to Damian Priest via MITB Cash-In at WrestleMania 40. Speaking of rematch clauses, on this week’s episode of WWE Raw, one match has been officially scheduled for the main event: Liv Morgan (c) vs. Becky Lynch for the World Women's Championship.

In other news regarding WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre is not the only superstar feuding with Judgment Day. Braun Strowman had been warned by JD McDonagh to not interfere in Judgment Day business, yet Strowman disobeyed that command and still helped Awesome Truth fend off Judgment Day last week. Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark became the number one contenders for Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill's Women's Tag Team Titles and were offered some assistance by Sonya Deville. However, Baslzer and Stark rejected the offer, as they are eminently confident in handling their own business.

Chad Gable earned a non-title victory over Zayn and never got pinned in his IC Title Triple Threat Match with Sami Zayn and Bronson Reed, so he still has a claim to the championship. There have been rumors swirling around about Kurt Angle and Creed Bross potentially being added to Chad Gable's faction with Alpha Academy. That could be a game-changer in his quest for gold. Bron Breakker also speared Ricochet backstage in front of Ilja Dragunov, as he has been letting out steam due to his frustrations with management not including him in the King of the Ring Tournament.

With that being said, the following will focus on the scheduled women's world title match and the idea of Liv Morgan sending Becky Lynch to AEW on the road to WWE Clash at the Castle 2024.

Liv Morgan (c) vs. Becky Lynch [World Women's Championship]

Liv Morgan will defeat Becky Lynch to retain the championship because she only recently won the title and will not drop it 48 hours later. Liv will hold that title until Rhea Ripley returns because Rhea Ripley is the end goal of her revenge tour. However, this title rematch should solidify where Dirty Dom's loyalties lie and also be a smooth transition to a feud between Liv Morgan and Lyra Valkyria, who has been allies with Becky Lynch and planting seeds in tense interactions with Liv Morgan backstage. With Becky Lynch's contract coming up, she will pass the torch to Lyra and head to AEW.

Prediction: Liv Morgan

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