WWE WarGames 2024 will be a Bloodline Civil War

Locking two versions of The Bloodline into a cage in November is the perfect build for the next chapter of this feud.
Backlash France
Backlash France / WWE/GettyImages

There’s a big angle brewing in The Bloodline. Guerrillas of Destiny made the jump from New Japan to WWE. Jacob Fatu is signed by the company. Jimmy Uso is injured. And Roman Reigns is nowhere to be found. Reigns dropping the championship to Cody Rhodes wasn’t the final chapter, but there’s a big one on the horizon. That should happen at the 2024 edition of WarGames with a Bloodline Civil War. 

Solo Sikoa is causing havoc on SmackDown. First, he and Tama Tonga were causing destruction on the show. That’s going to continue with Tanga Loa in tow as well. No one knows who gave the order for Sikoa to unleash chaos, but there’s a strong chance that was none other than “The Final Boss,” The Rock. 

This isn’t how Roman Reigns ran things. He kept everyone in check with a quiet intimidation that included a side of gaslighting. Things are different now, and there’s no telling how crazy they will be when Reigns finally returns. 

At WWE Backlash there was a moment when Sikoa, Tonga, and Loa all approached Jey Uso before his big match. Then Paul Heyman. No words were said, but the eyes conversed. Sikoa, Tonga, and Loa let Jey know he could get the work too. While Heyman cried out for his former ally to save him. They injured Jimmy and this was the next step in bringing Jey into the madness. 

A lot will unfold in the coming weeks to months within this angle. But many have their eyes on Survivor Series: WarGames. WarGames is the perfect setting for a Bloodline Civil War. On one side would be Solo teaming with GOD, while Roman would team with The Usos. But who would shape out the rest of the five-on-five rosters. 

Starting with Sikoa’s group it makes sense to see The Rock as one of those members. Perhaps, but it’s hard to see The Rock taking part in such a violent, uncontrolled match with his many obligations coming up. According to his IMDB, Fast X: Part 2 and The Smashing Machine are listed in pre-production which could include some shooting, limiting what he’s available to do in the ring. Fatu being on that team makes sense, especially if he’s brought in as the loose-cannon family member type of character. 

Filling out Roman’s team is a bit of a challenge. Zilla Fatu is Umaga’s son and a young performer that many have touted in recent months. Lance Anoa’i Samu’s son and another family member that could join the battle. Either one of those works, but what about the “Honorary Uce” in Sami Zayn? Should he be involved in the contest? It would make sense to see Jey reach out to him for one last favor, bringing the group back together. Especially if he’s already dropped the Intercontinental Championship by November. That would bring things full circle and be an amazing moment for the fans to see an allegiance between Roman and Sami. 

WWE is truly taking care to plot out every step of The Bloodline story. It’s one of the most interesting angles in professional wrestling today. Locking these groups into a cage at WarGames would be an epic match and one that would be one of the most anticipated of the year.