Wyatt 6 is a big test for WWE Creative

WWE Creative will have its work cut out to build the Wyatt 6 into a group of stars for the company.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

The end of the June 17 edition of WWE Raw has left the wrestling community talking. Many liked the presentation of the Wyatt 6, while others were “meh” on the entire ordeal. It’s a moment that won’t be forgotten and can’t be ignored as an on-screen action in this iteration of WWE. There’s another test on the horizon, as this is a big opportunity for WWE to prove the company can truly create stars.

The Wyatt 6 includes six performers in Bo Dallas, Dexter Lumis, Nikki Cross, Rowan, and Joe Gacy. These are six individuals who were presented as mid-card performers at best. Cross is perhaps the most successful of the group, winning the Money in the Bank and the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. But in reality, that title reign was mediocre at best, almost seen as a rib on her at the time. Dallas and Rowan have been tag champions, and that is where the success ends.

Still, the WWE Universe is clamoring to see more of this group and what they do. They already caused carnage to close out the slow, even leaving Chad Gable unconscious on the floor. But what happens next week? And the week after that? The rumors are that this group will be more grounded in its presentation, rather than the spooky nature that enveloped everything Bray Wyatt did. But lacking a big-time star like Bray is a big deal, and it’s a hurdle that the creative will have to overcome.

WWE creative under Triple H continues to improve. There’s no arguing that point when comparing it to where it was 2-3 years ago. The strategy of consistent and effective booking is helping momentum build behind new main roster faces like Lyra Valkyria, Ilja Dragunov, and Bron Breakker. Even Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are getting a bit of a positive response as well. But he’s yet to elevate someone into the superstar stratosphere. Can that be done with a group that consisted of performers who were mostly stuck in the mid-card or catering throughout their careers? That’s going to be the real challenge to watch unfold.

It didn’t take long for Bray Wyatt’s last return to television to start to lose steam. The winding promos, slow development, and the inability to translate the story to in-ring action hampered it overall. WWE has the creative direction to better counter that this time around. It will be interesting to see how that is done. But one thing is true, if this angle builds stars out of a stable of mid-carders, then that will be another big success for this creative team.