WWE Battleground Predictions: Kickoff Show: Naomi vs. Cameron

At Battleground, Naomi takes on her former partner, Cameron, on the WWE Battleground Kickoff Show. The former Funkadactyls have certainly had interesting paths that have led them to this match.

Naomi was a contestant on NXT in 2010, while Cameron was a contestant on Tough Enough in 2011. They then paired up to be dancers, who danced alongside Brodus Clay, who is no longer with WWE. That gimmick got them to be two of the stars of Total Divas, as they transitioned back into the ring.

They stayed as a team under the name of “The Funkadactyls”, as they tried to prove themselves as wrestlers, very clumsy ones at that. Over time, Naomi has really come into her own in the ring, Cameron has not.

About a month ago, tension began rising between the two. They have since officially split, cost each other matches, and are now headed for a clash at Battleground.

Let’s get to the predictions from Daily DDT staff members Michael Dunlap, Lance Augustine, Jordan Campbell, Marcus Hagness, Matt Perri, Benjamin Raven, and myself, Mike Smith. Be sure to give us your predictions in the comment section below.

Michael’s Take: The only prediction I can give here is that the crowd will make liberal use of the bathroom during this match. They’ve tried to give us a reason to care about these two, but it hasn’t worked.

Lance’s Take: I don’t think I dislike any diva as much as Cameron. Wow is she bad. On the other hand, Naomi is my favorite current diva, and I hope to everything that is holy she wins. So I will take Naomi, under the assumption they want to further this, and give Cameron a win on smackdown or something.

Jordan’s Take: Reach into your pocket, dust off the quarter that you found. Place the quarter on your thumb and give it a good flick. If it’s heads, then Naomi wins. If tails, then Cameron wins. My quarter landed tails meaning Cameron will win.

Marcus’ Take: Naomi will win this match and hopefully we never have to hear Cameron speak on commentary ever again.

Matt’s Take: The throwaway match on the Kickoff Show. Nobody cares, least of all, me. Even still, Cameron is so, so dull. I fully expect Naomi to win here. My ultimate hope is that they re-brand Cameron and team her with Alicia Fox. That might work a lot better for future matches.

Benjamin’s Take: Thank goodness this one is on the pre-show. I’m going to go with Naomi in this one, just because I’ve been more impressed with her in the ring. Too bad Brodus Clay and Tensai can’t serve as the special guest referees.

Mike’s Take: “Naomi will win this match, because she matters and Cameron doesn’t.” That’s the wrestling fan in me talking. The Total Divas fan in me would not mind seeing Cameron win. I hate the Total Divas fan in me a little bit.

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