Trish Stratus on WWE NXT would help elevate that women’s division


Trish Stratus gave fans a surprise extended run in 2023, and if she’s looking to continue contributing to WWE she would be a great addition to NXT. 

WWE is making a continued effort to rebuild its women’s division. Each brand is seeing some sort of positive improvements with the booking around the ladies on the roster. One key step is the use of the veterans on the roster to help establish the younger talent. One individual who could keep that trend in play is Trish Stratus, and if she’s looking to continue her surprising run in 2023 and beyond, using her in WWE NXT would be a great move.

Stratus hasn’t competed since her steel cage match against Becky Lynch at WWE Payback. The two women delivered a strong performance that will be among the list of top women’s matches this year. She hasn’t appeared on television since, but from how she’s speaking in interviews her time in the ring isn’t quite over.

“I’ve been asked by people here, ‘Are you coming back? Do you want to do another run?’” Stratus said during an interview at the Big Texas Comic Con. “But this is the thing, I’m like…the boxes it has to check. One is the creative. What is the creative? What am I going to come back and do? Is it going to check these boxes? So, I always turn it back to people and go, ‘I might go back, but who should I face?’ Tell me, I wanna know.”

Those are all interesting questions to come from the multiple-time champion, and she’s right. The creative around any booking with her would have to make sense and elevate the names involved. While some might roll their eyes at the initial thought of Stratus in NXT, look at what Becky Lynch was able to do for the roster with an extended run on the Tuesday program. Her time on WWE NXT saw some of the strongest ratings numbers that show reached in years. Stratus’s announcement and placement could be a similar catalyst to draw in viewers who may not typically watch the show.

With several young performers on the WWE NXT brand, an opportunity to learn from Stratus would be an invaluable resource. Many would probably cite Stratus as one of the individuals who influenced them to become wrestlers in the first place. She could certainly be used to help grow performers like Lyra Valkyria, Lola Vice, Blair Davenport, and others. Again, it all comes down to the creative that would get the most out of her time on the brand.

WWE NXT has consistently put a strong representation of women’s wrestling on television. Bringing back veteran players to spend time on the roster has helped. Trish Stratus would be an excellent addition to spend some time on the Tuesday night show.

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