WWE Smackdown: Preview for July 25th

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Tonight’s edition of WWE Smackdown will take place at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

We will see a rematch from this past Monday’s Raw, tag team action, and a superstar will get the chance to end a streak.

The following is a preview of the matches for tonight and they do not include results. Bleacher Report confirmed these matches on Tuesday.

RybAxel vs. The Usos

There have been some rumors of the team of Ryback and Curtis Axel splitting at some point in the future, according to 24 Wrestling. However, do not expect that to happen this week.

If they beat The Usos tonight, expect them to be involved at SummerSlam for the tag team titles. If not, maybe The Wyatt Family (who should have won the titles already) gets their third chance. Goldust and Stardust could receive an opportunity as well. Maybe a fatal 4-way is in the works?

The result will be interesting tonight and I do think RybAxel pulls off the win and sends them into the title hunt.

Prediction: RybAxel wins via pin-fall.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bo Dallas

This is Dallas’ best opponent he’s faced yet in singles competition since he joined the main roster. No one has defeated him, unless you count getting thrown over the top rope in two battle royals. It will be interesting to see how much faith the company shows in him tonight.

A solid match should be expected from this. Ziggler usually puts on one of the better matches of the night if he is given enough time to do so.

Ziggler defeated The Miz on Monday’s Raw. The latter wrestler is not scheduled for any matches tonight, which leads this writer to believe that he will cause some type of distraction in this match. A win for Dallas over Ziggler would put him in the Intercontinental Title hunt as well. A possible triple threat match for SummerSlam could be developed from this.

Prediction: Bo Dallas wins via pin-fall off of The Miz’s distraction.

Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose

These two battled it out this past Monday, ending with Ambrose bashing Cesaro’s arm with a chair to get himself disqualified. It showed off the lunatic personality of the former Shield member.

This match could be a lot of fun and with what else is scheduled, I think we could see it get decent air time. However, I think we could see a cheap finish to this. With the current feud between Ambrose and Seth Rollins, expect The Authority member to cause a distraction to lead to Cesaro’s victory. It would be unfortunate to see Ambrose lose again, but they have to make him look good while doing so. He’s arguably the best face in the company right now.

Prediction: Cesaro wins via pin-fall off of Seth Rollins’ distraction.

Paige vs. Naomi

This will be Paige’s first match as a heel. She turned on A.J. Lee on Raw after their victory over Natalya and Emma. Naomi and Cameron recently split after the latter turned on her.

Naomi has talent, but one has to think this match will be all about Paige establishing her heel tactics. It could be a squash match, which wouldn’t look good for the former Funkadactyl. They could easily give these two time for a solid match. Either way, expect Paige to come out on top.

Prediction: Paige wins via submission.

Bray Wyatt vs. R-Truth

R-Truth was one of the wrestlers there that checked up on Chris Jericho after he was beat down by The Wyatt Family. He now gets his opportunity to help his friend against “The Eater of Worlds.”

This is probably your squash match of the night, unless Jericho interferes. However, he is away promoting his band’s new album, so the match result should be predictable.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt wins via pin-fall in under two minutes.

Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio

This could be a fun main event that pits the power of Reigns against the technical skills of Del Rio.

This is certainly the former Shield member’s opportunity to shine. He needs matches like this in order to gain experience in matches against veteran opponents. A victory here would go a long way.

Reigns will be made out to look good no matter what happens. I say that because on Monday, he interfered at the end of the show when Triple H brought down Randy Orton to be the next WWE World Heavyweight Championship opponent for SummerSlam, only for Reigns to interfere. They fought each other through the arena and into the backstage area. Expect Orton to return the favor tonight and end the match prematurely. Kane could get in on the festivities, too.

Prediction: Romans Reigns wins via disqualification off of Randy Orton’s interference.

How do you think tonight’s edition of WWE Smackdown will turn out?




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