WWE Opinions: Why the Return of Brock Lesnar Should Open the Eyes of WWE Management

Brock Lesnar is an animal, “The “Beast Incarnate, a Paul Heyman guy, and owner of the 1 in 21-1. That performance at Wrestlemania 30 cemented his legacy in the WWE and it establishes him as the company’s greatest heel right now.

I am a big Brock Lesnar fan. He’s a terrific performer and does his job well as an intimidating force on TV. I don’t have a problem with him being a part-time performer and showing up at only the company’s biggest events. However, the fact that he is the company’s greatest heel and gets the biggest reaction of them as a part-time performer is a problem that should open the eyes of management.

I am going to highlight the company’s top full-time heel wrestlers at the moment in no particular order (does not include The Authority).

  • Seth Rollins – He has plenty of potential as a heel, but still needs development.
  • Bray Wyatt – I’m a huge Bray Wyatt fan but the company missed a golden opportunity of putting him over at Wrestlemania 30 or Payback.
  • Rusev – The international monster heel character doesn’t have great recent success. Rusev needs to prove himself more in the ring as well.
  • Randy Orton – He was once on top of the company but his character is stale and does not get much of a reaction anymore.
  • Cesaro – Cesaro should have turned face after Wrestlemania. He’s back to being the same mid-card heel he was last year.

An honorary mention is Bo Dallas. I’m just not sure how how high of a ceiling he has as a heel with his “Bo-Lieve” gimmick.

I fully believe Bray Wyatt will be the number one heel one day if WWE handles him properly like they did in his feud with Daniel Bryan. He must go over Chris Jericho at SummerSlam and Night of Champions in clean fashion. He cannot afford to have what happened at Extreme Rules occur when Luke Harper and Erick Rowan bailed him out against John Cena.

Seth Rollins has a chance of being the company’s top heel but so much of it will be based on how the company handles him with the Money in the Bank briefcase. If he cashes in and loses, you can kiss that opportunity goodbye. I don’t think WWE would do that, but they have pulled off stranger things. Let’s just hope they don’t have Rollins try to cash in against Cena if he retains the title at SummerSlam.

That’s the future outlook though. We are talking about present day WWE.

The Battleground pay-per-view had two stale heels involved in the fatal 4-way title match in Orton and Kane. If they weren’t involved in the fight, who would have replaced him? Wyatt is involved with Jericho. Cesaro isn’t main event caliber. Rusev is nowhere near ready and neither is Rollins. That has to be somewhat of a scary thought for the company with their lack of heel depth.

If Brock Lesnar was around on a full year schedule, this situation wouldn’t be so bad, but it would cause some concern. If he wins at SummerSlam, he won’t have the title forever. Him and Cena will likely headline Night of Champions in September, but the Superstar who is all about hustle, loyalty, and respect has a very likely chance of winning it back if the plan is for Lesnar to leave after that. We’ve heard people bring up the idea of Lesnar holding the title while still having his usual part-time schedule but I don’t think WWE would love to do that. They would rather have their champion on TV on a consistent basis. I think Rollins will be the WWE World Heavyweight title owner after NOC, but we can address that further down the line.

The WWE has to give more opportunities for these heels to get over. Let Bray Wyatt really be a top heel. He is one of their best bad guys but they need to make him look like it instead of having him come out to blow off losses. That can’t work for too much longer.

After NOC, where do they go from there if Lesnar loses, leaves, and Rollins doesn’t cash in? Do they go face vs. face with Reigns and Cena? That would be a better possibility for Wrestlemania 31. Maybe Bray Wyatt gets his chance. He just had a long, three month feud with Cena, however, so that is not realistic right now.

The company needs to have a plan because the day Brock Lesnar leaves for another period of time, they have to be prepared with their championship-level heels. Let them go over on the good guys every once in awhile. “Superman” characters like John Cena are not helping. He should be one of the main people pushing this forward in this point of his career. Yet, the company still has him overcome all the odds to secure a win.

WWE, you need to open your eyes to your lack of heels. There needs to be a plan in place for the present and future of this company.




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