Brock Lesnar WWE contract details revealed as per Fightful Select

WWE, Brock Lesnar(Photo by Fayez Nureldine / AFP)
WWE, Brock Lesnar(Photo by Fayez Nureldine / AFP) /

Brock Lesnar’s new contract is reportedly set to last until 2023. Fightful Select has reported it will be “roughly a year and a half.”

The contract is also set to guarantee at least eight matches from the ‘Beast Incarnate’ which almost certainly guarantees he will be in action at WrestleMania in 2022. It is likely his other dates will include the upcoming Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

Lesnar’s last WWE contract expired in 2020, with his last match being at WrestleMania 36 at the WWE Performance Center. He lost the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre.

He ultimately made his return this past Saturday at SummerSlam, confronting Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, who had just beaten John Cena.

There has been speculation that Brock will be performing as a babyface for the SmackDown brand moving forward. He was noticeable pandering to the WWE Universe, and giving high fives, following his appearance in Las Vegas.

Brock Lesnar is back and a new deal penned

There’s just something about Brock Lesnar that adds a different flavor to WWE programming. His aura, his unique style, and his ability to captivate the WWE Universe. It will be interesting how things go with him being a babyface. From as far as I can remember, this will be the first time that Lesnar has adopted being a fan favorite.

Moving forward it is great news for WWE to tie one of their biggest stars down for at least the next year and a half. There’s no question that Lesnar brings eyeballs to WWE and makes people take notice. Especially in the current with AEW opposing, it is a smart move to get ‘The Beast’ back on TV as quickly as possible. It looks like he will be taking on Reigns first and foremost. Whether he dethrones the ‘Head of the Table’ remains to be seen.

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