WWE Opinions: The Future of Luke Harper

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I am a big fan of the Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan’s cult-like gimmicks as The Wyatt Family. It’s creepy, strange, and entertaining.

Bray is obviously the main guy of the group right now. His promos are fantastic week in and week out. He brings it all to the table and leaves nothing behind. Wyatt’s wrestling style is full of power and the Sister Abigail finisher is unique and devastating. He is not the best wrestler of the trio, however. That title belongs to Luke Harper.

Harper is an excellent wrestler. He’s powerful, technical, and surprisingly athletic given his 6-5, 275 LB frame. His promo skills aren’t up to par with Bray but they certainly are not too shabby.

As all WWE fans know, tag teams and stables do not last forever. The Wyatt Family is not permanent. From my own speculation, I feel that Luke Harper and Rowan will stay heel and turn on Bray turning face at some point. That likely wouldn’t happen until 2015.

Harper has been a breakout star from his abilities. He will be an entertaining star for a long time.

Obviously, he has the perfect look of a long-term heel. That creepy look with the beard, sweat-stained shirt, and facial expressions has heel written all over it. What WWE really loves from their wrestlers is mic skills and charisma. He’d be a near lock for a big push from the company and deserves it fully when the time comes.

There is one problem; Harper is already 34 years old. Putting him in a tag team with Rowan would not be a bad idea by any means if Harper was a few years younger, however, he needs his singles push sooner than later before his body starts breaking down.

A singles run for the Wyatt family member would be fascinating. He can be an upper-card heel almost right off the bat if WWE handles him correctly as they approach the break-up and after the break-up. We all know how the company has not capitalized on opportunities (Cesaro after Wrestlemania 30).

The obvious first feud would be with Bray Wyatt. That has the potential to be a feud of the year candidate. Can you imagine the promos between those two? Fans would be sitting in their seats at home or in the arena in awe. They could pull off some great matches, too.

Another very interesting feud could be with Dean Ambrose. Similar to with Bray, the promos would be fantastic and the matches would be a lot of fun too. The odd personalities of both characters would be interesting to see mesh over a long-term feud.

Regarding Harper’s finishing move, he has a nasty clothesline. It’s reminiscent of John “Bradshaw” Layfield’s “Clothesline from Hell,” although it looks a little different.

Another finishing move of his is known as the “Truckstop,” which is a spinning side slam. It seems to be a better fit as a “Signature Move” since other Superstars do something similar to this in normal action, but it could be tested out more often in his singles run.

The career of Luke Harper will take off whenever he breaks away from the Wyatt Family as a heel. His style with his promos and wrestling moves will easily get his way over with the WWE Universe. That is, of course, if Vince McMahom and company use him correctly.




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