WWE Opinions: Is WWE Missing Their Chance at Unifying More Titles?

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Over the past few years, the United States Championship has become a meaningless mid-card title. It was placed on Dean Ambrose and he defended it maybe 5 times in one year? The reasoning is understandable because The Shield were in marquee feuds for that long reign.

The U.S. title would be put in a 20 man battle royal, which Ambrose was involved in. They needed to get the title off of him and onto someone else to be more relevant. Sheamus would end up winning the battle royal.

The Celtic Warrior would engage in a decent feud with Cesaro for the title. It lasted for a little over a month until the Money in the Bank PPV, where Sheamus competed in the ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After that, the title fell off the map once again.

The title defenses felt forced. It was defended on the July 4th edition of Smackdown as well as a few times on Main Event. Other than that, it has not been involved in any feuds and as of now, the card for SummerSlam is so cluttered that there may be no room for a title defense.

At first, there was talk of a title unification between Sheamus and The Miz (the Intercontinental Champion) at the next PPV. The Celtic Warrior would then suffer from the flu last week and it seemed like plans somewhat changed or maybe this was the plan all along.

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bo Dallas is now on the table for SummerSlam, as the three would be feuding over the Intercontinental championship. Sheamus also might fit in here somewhere, possibly as a feud for Dallas if they decide against the triple threat.

A Dallas-Sheamus feud would make more sense if they want to keep the U.S. title relevant.

Unless the plan is for them to unify the titles at Night of Champions, which is the last PPV before subscribers can renew their WWE Network purchase, they are missing the opportunity now in one of the top 4 PPVs of the year.

The Miz’s new Hollywood character is off to a decent start so far but based on his history, it could fall off at any point. Sheamus has been a stalled character for awhile now. I don’t think his gimmick has been tweaked at all since he joined the company. They should be unifying the titles now before these Superstars fall in the eyes of the fan.

I’m just not sure how well this will go over if it happens in September. Many fans have expressed their disappointment with Miz going over Dolph Ziggler at the IC battle royal during Battleground. If he goes over him again st SummerSlam, fans will really be turned off since Ziggler has been a fan favorite for a few years now but WWE refuses to give him a good push anymore. It could drain the excitement of a title unification.

With the title unification not in the cards for next month’s SummerSlam PPV, we’ll see if WWE plans on doing this unification at Night of Champions. It needs to be done at some point but it may not have the meaning or excitement as it could have had.

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