Quit Chanting For CM Punk During AJ Lee's Segments

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It has been over 6 months since we’ve seen former WWE Champion CM Punk in a ring, but that hasn’t stopped his most ardent supporters from chanting for him at every opportunity that they get.

While it’s understandable that they miss one of their favorite superstars, it’s about time that they stop disrespecting his wife, AJ Lee, by doing it every time she comes out.

One of the biggest criticisms that fans have had with WWE as a whole is their mistreatment of women. Typically they get little to no TV time at all and when they do it’s almost always to push the reality show Total Divas. Now the company finally has two female-centric feuds that are taking center stage, and many fans are going out of their way to ruin one of them.

The program between AJ and Paige over the Diva’s Championship is one of the better feuds that they’ve came up with over the past couple of years. There’s an actual backstory (AJ losing her title during Paige’s debut, then coming back months later and taking it right back), and the two happen to be some of the more talented wrestlers in their division.

Their match at Battleground was a bit of a letdown, but they really haven’t had too much of a chance to build up chemistry in the ring. Paige is still relatively new to the main roster, and AJ is likely still fighting off a bit of ring rust after being gone for a few months. There’s no doubt that these two will be able to put on a world-class match should they be given time, as well as attention from the WWE Universe.

This should be a breath of fresh air, but lately fans have been relentless in their cheering for Punk. Last Monday on Raw was particularly embarrassing. In what was a pretty entertaining showdown between Lee and Paige that should have further hyped up their eventual match at SummerSlam, fans neglected the action in the ring and instead decided to repeatedly yell, “CM Punk, CM Punk, CM Punk.”

Not only is this blatantly disrespectful to both AJ and Paige, alike, but it’s just downright annoying at this point. CM Punk has made it clear time and time again that he’s not going to return to wrestling and while he may change his mind down the road, chanting during his wife’s segments is not going to suddenly persuaded him to lace up the boots again. There will be nothing gained from these chants, so why continue to do them while there are incredibly talented performers in the ring?

Of course, the members of the crowd paid for their ticket and are free to chant whatever, whenever they want. But when you do things like this, realize the impact and statement that you’re making by doing it. Both AJ Lee and Paige have put years of hard work into honing their craft, and it’s downright disrespectful to continue making these chants during their segments.

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