WWE Smackdown: Preview for August 8, 2014 with No Spoilers

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It is time for another episode of WWE Smackdown!

A solid portion of the roster is away in Australia for live events, so other Superstars will get their chance to shine.

Let’s get into a preview for the matches for the show.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is in a battle with The Miz  for the Intercontinental title while Rollins is in a feud with Dean Ambrose. Both will have matches with their rivals at SummerSlam.

This one should be full of high flying action and will battle a match that’s later in the show for the match of the night. I think, however, that this will end with an interference from Ambrose since Miz is in Australia. It could be just a distraction or it could get Rollins disqualified. WWE may want Ziggler to get a victory, especially after being the featured interview this week with Michael Cole to hype his title match on August 16th.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler wins via pin-fall.

Big Show and Mark Henry vs. RybAxel

Mark Henry returned on Raw earlier this week while this will be Big Show’s first TV appearance in months.

RybAxel is a decent mid-card tag team but they have been racking up a ton of losses lately. You can get a feel for what WWE thinks of them. This won’t match won’t help, either.

This probably will not get a lot of time and it will make Show and Henry look strong.

Prediction: Big Show and Mark Henry win via pin-fall.

Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara

Based on Sandow’s recent track record, I think this will be obvious.

Prediction: Sin Cara wins via pin-fall.

Paige vs. Natalya

A.J. Lee returned on Tuesday’s Main Event to confront Paige. The war of words continued and furthered the feud between the two.

This match against Natalya will be a chance for Paige to show off her heel persona once more. I would expect Lee to have a presence somewhere in this match, maybe on commentary. It’s not going to end smoothly as A.J. will be looking for more revenge since she was injured a week ago.

Natalya gets her TV time and A.J. gets revenge. Everyone goes home happy from this.

Prediction: Natalya wins via pin-fall.

Big E vs. Rusev

The battle of Superstars who’ve had their names shortened.

The two had a decent feud that ended at Money in the Bank. Big E made some weird, passionate, patriotic promos and was seen as a threat to Rusev for a short time until he was defeated.

I’m actually curious to see which direction this goes in. This new Xavier Woods stable that features Big E and Kofi Kingston in it seems to be heel and putting two heels against each other is a little odd. I would like to see some progress with this stable since we saw none of them on Raw. Maybe we will see that tomorrow but with WWE Smackdown being the “B” show, I won’t cross my fingers.

Jack Swagger did not go to Australia, so he will likely be seen on the show. Maybe we see more interference here to get Big E a win as this stable develops. I just can’t see them giving Rusev a loss, though.

Prediction: Rusev wins via pin-fall.

Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose

This one will certainly rival Rollins-Ziggler for match of the night. These are also the only two matches that will be quality in my opinion.

It will be a big night for Ambrose as he is expected to announce the stipulation for his match with Rollins at SummerSlam (you can find the stipulation on a spoilers page). Will it be for the Money in the Bank briefcase?

Orton is in a heated feud with Roman Reigns and the two have a scheduled SummerSlam match. The Viper’s character has seen a change for the better recently. He’s showing that intensity with his promos and in-ring work like he used to show a few years ago.

They had a terrific battle the last time they faced each other, displaying solid chemistry in which Orton won.

If Ambrose interferes in Rollins’ match like I predicted, I see the latter doing the same here. This time, though, I see the match ending in a disqualification with the members of The Authority standing tall to end the show.

Prediction: Dean Ambrose wins via disqualification.

This has potential to be decent show if the Rollins and Ambrose matches produce. What do you guys think will occur during WWE Smackdown?



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