WWE Power Rankings: John Cena Stands Tall

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Last week we did the top five faces and top five heels. It was going to be a weekly thing but I think doing overall rankings will be better for three or four weeks out of the month. Doing the top five faces and heels after each pay-per-view would make more sense to do to see how each Superstar stands in the company in their respective “division,” if you would call it that.

So here are your WWE Power Rankings for August 12, 2014!

10) The Miz - The Miz barely cracks this list because he’s been on TV as a mid-card champion. The United States champion Sheamus was on major WWE programming for the first time in weeks. The Usos, the Tag Team champs, haven’t been on because WWE couldn’t find something for them to do after a terrific feud with the Wyatts.

Miz has been a mediocre Intercontinental champ so far. He needs to prove his worth this Sunday against Dolph Ziggler.

9) Bray Wyatt – It’s a guarantee that Bray Wyatt will be ahead of Jericho when the former wins next Sunday at SummerSlam.

He should have been over more with the crowd by now if WWE’s poor booking of having him lose to John Cena 2 out of 3 times never happened. It stalled him for a while, but Bray seems to be gaining some momentum back.

8) Chris Jericho – Y2J has been rounding into form over the past few weeks. His one on one with Wyatt last night had plenty of bold statements from each side that made their feud more compelling than it has been.

Bray will go over Y2J next week. For now, though, Jericho is ahead because of the “advantage” he has of having no Luke Harper or Erick Rowan at ringside for their match.

7) A.J. Lee – Despite a feud with Paige for the Divas title that has lacked excitement about half the time, A.J. is the top Diva in the company. That won’t change, even with Brie Bella’s battle with Stephanie McMahon.

The only question is when will Lee drop her title? Paige is up and coming and will only be buried if she can’t get past the Divas champion after SummerSlam or Night of Champions (if this lasts that long). Their match will tell a lot.

6) Randy Orton – The Viper is finally back. After showing increased viciousness over the past few weeks in his rivalry with Roman Reigns, Orton would put on a terrific match with Sheamus last night that ended with a cool RKO.

Orton will probably lose next Sunday so Reigns can begin his ascension but I’d still expect for him to keep his momentum going as a member of The Authority. He could even turn face and begin a feud with them since SummerSlam marks one year since he became a heel.

5) Roman Reigns – Last night against RybAxel, the former Shield star took the duo down with ease. It made him look stronger than ever and prepared for his match with Orton next Sunday.

The expectation is that he’ll win and move onto face Triple H at Night of Champions next month. Therefore, he will probably be a spot or two higher when we discuss again next week.

4) Seth Rollins – Mr. Money in the Bank won his match against Rob Van Dam on Raw, but he still was sent scrambling as Ambrose attacked him after jumping out of a birthday present box for Hulk Hogan.

We obviously have no idea when Rollins will cash in his contract yet, but I can’t see the company Damien Sandow-ing him by having his cash-in attempt fail. He will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion sooner than later.

3) Dean Ambrose – Since Ambrose came out on top yesterday, he stands one spot ahead of Rollins right now.

Dean is arguably the hottest face that WWE has going for them right now. He gets good reactions from the crowd and his anti-hero persona is a great sell. He’ll probably drop a spot or two after SummerSlam if Rollins wins but for now, he stands pretty high.

2) Brock Lesnar – Lesnar and Paul Heyman got plenty of heat yesterday for coming out during Hogan’s birthday celebration. He also has not had a vulnerable moment either throughout this feud. The momentum is still there from Wrestlemania 30 and he looks unstoppable heading into SummerSlam.

1) John Cena – The WWE World Heavyweight Champion had a strong promo on last night’s Raw. He included his usual humor and seriousness blended together. It came off better than ever, however, for the first time in a long time.

Even though I think he loses the title at SummerSlam to Brock Lesnar, Cena is turning into a decent champion for this reign through his promo work and backing up his words like he did against Cesaro a few weeks ago.


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