WWE SummerSlam Predictions: AJ Lee vs. Paige for the Divas Championship

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Tonight, AJ Lee and Paige meet for the fourth time over the Divas Championship.

The night after WrestleMania XXX, Paige shocked AJ, and the world, by debuting on Monday Night Raw and, whether she meant to or not, provoking AJ into putting her title on the line. Paige would win the title that night, and AJ would take a three month absence.

The night after Money in the Bank, with rumors circulating that she was pregnant, AJ returned to the ring, and returned the favor. She was able to provoke Paige into putting the title on the line, and she stunned the Divas Champion by taking the title right out of her hands.

That night marked the beginning of a double-turn for AJ and Paige, putting AJ in the face role she belongs in, and showing everybody that Paige was born to be a heel.

Last month at Battleground, with the Divas participating in their first Divas Championship match that they were both able to prepare for, AJ retained the title.

Will their SummerSlam match have the same result? Find out what the Daily DDT staff thinks:

Rob Wolkenbrod’s Take: This feud had a lot of potential to be great, but what’s been used in it has been told in so many other storylines before. They made Paige into a psychotic heel like they’ve done with so many other Divas. The “injury” that A.J. suffered has been used so many times before too. WWE tried being original with the poem that Paige wrote, only for it to fall flat and go nowhere.

The booking of Paige has been a large disappointment and I can’t see her winning the title on Sunday. A.J. Lee wins via submission.

Rob’s Prediction: AJ Lee

Stephen Ajamie’s Take: Paige has definitely grown into this heel character, which is good because I felt like through NXT, I never got the read on which side of the fence she was on.  The frenemy thing is fine as that seems to be the way we go with Divas and feuding for the title.  AJ has looked good since her return, even though, it was odd that she would lay the beatdown on Eva Marie after she got beat by her from this past Monday.  Once again, this match will be like the Miz and Dolph, where it will be fine for what it is. It is a toss up on the predicted winner as both ladies could use the win.  I feel like Paige wouldn’t get the title right back so quickly, so I’ll go with AJ to retain, and we’ll probably see these two gals again next month.

Stephen’s Prediction: AJ Lee

Jordan Campbell’s Take: The AJ Lee and Paige booking has been entertaining. But, SummerSlam should without question be the end of the feud. Paige, despite having a high ceiling, is not ready to be heel champion. Lee, on the other hand, is at the top of the Diva’s division all by herself. Lee, who is over with the WWE universe, should retain the title on Sunday. Though, the question is where do both Divas go after their match on Sunday.

Jordan’s Prediction: AJ Lee

Marcus Hagness’ Take: This Divas feud is one of the best the company has had in awhile. I’m into it and honestly don’t know who I’m cheering for. Paige is a great talent and a good antagonist for AJ Lee after she run through the cast of Total Divas last year. There are like two sets of Divas in the WWE. There are two that are just there to fight for the title (Paige & AJ) and then the rest are there to plug Total Divas. It’s too bad cause their are some very talented women on the roster, but these two ladies are clearly at the top.

AJ just came back to win the title and in her first defense, I’d like to think she doesn’t drop the title. I can see her losing the title do to dirty tactics (dirty pin or something like that) to keep the feud alive. The only problem with this feud is that afterwards there isn’t really anything for either to do without the other.  None of the other Divas have any momentum or would be a reasonable rival so for the sake of their feud staying alive, I say Paige wins dirty to set up a re-match at Night of Champions.

Marcus’ Prediction: Paige

Brian Rzeppa’s Take: Out of all of the matches on this year’s card, I’d say this was the toughest to predict. You can’t exactly classify Paige’s first championship run as a successful one, but she was never really put into an interesting storyline. She has one now, as the hungry challenger going after the proven veteran in AJ Lee, and I think it’s time to give her another go with the belt.

Brian’s Prediction: Paige

Mike Smith’s Take: This is a very interesting matchup, and one that I’m very much looking forward to.

I don’t want this feud to end, but there’s better things for both to do. Paige getting the win gives her the title, and a shot to have feuds with some of the talented Divas on the roster, and maybe NXT (Charlotte, anyone?).

That would also put AJ away from the title, and give her a shot to feud with some of the other Divas. WWE hasn’t been afraid to have two Divas storylines in recent months, and AJ is certainly capable of carrying a good feud, even without the title.

Mike’s Prediction: Paige

The Daily DDT staff is split, 3-3. Who do you have? AJ or Paige? Let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to Daily DDT for more SummerSlam previews.

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