WWE SummerSlam Predictions: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack Match

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At SummerSlam, Dean Ambrose finally, finally, gets his hands on Seth Rollins, and with Lumberjacks surrounding the ring, Rollins will have nowhere to run.

For a year and a half, Ambrose and Rollins were part of The Shield, one of the most dominant factions in WWE history, culminating in a 3-0 sweep of Evolution in a No Holds Barred Elimination Match at this year’s Payback event. However, the next night on Raw, Rollins took a chair to his Shield partners, and put an end to the dominant faction.

While Roman Reigns has had his hands full with The Authority, Ambrose has spent his time going after Rollins.

At Money in the Bank, Ambrose had his hands on the coveted briefcase, but Kane came down and saved the match for Rollins. The two men were then set to go one-on-one at Battleground, but Ambrose attacked Rollins backstage, and Triple H threw him out of the building. Rollins would then come out for their match, looking to win by forfeit, but Ambrose came down again and delivered another strong attack, again getting thrown out of the building. As Rollins was leaving the building that night, Ambrose would come out of the trunk of a car to attack him again, before Rollins would climb in the car and drive away.

After an Ambrose distraction gave Rollins an embarrassing loss to Heath Slater in a Beat The Clock Challenge, Ambrose was allowed to pick the stipulation for this match. Ambrose chose a Lumberjack Match, as it would give Rollins nowhere to run.

What will happen when these two meet at SummerSlam? The Daily DDT staff members have some thoughts:

Rob Wolkenbrod’s Take: The build-up for this match has lasted over two months and has been great. These two have shown their passionate hate for each other and it’s made for great TV. It easily could be feud of the year when 2014 ends.

While many are disappointed with the Lumberjack stipulation, I think it will be a lot of fun. When Rollins is struggling, he’s going to be looking to run away, only to be blocked by the wrestlers standing outside the ring. Despite that, I think Rollins wins this battle in what will be the match of the night. He will find away to take advantage of Ambrose’s stipulation and win.

Rob’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Stephen Ajamie’s Take: Another toss up one, but another feud that was just put together well.  I really can’t believe the face turn for Dean Ambrose and how much support he’s getting from the crowd. I think WWE needs to pay attention to that, and really give Ambrose a good run.  But obviously Rollins is the guy with the briefcase, so he’s due a win in this. But I think that comes up next month as they’ll finish out with a match for the briefcase at Night of Champions.

Stephen’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

Jordan Campbell’s Take: The match between Rollins and Ambrose has been a long-time coming. Ever since Rollins turned on Ambrose and Roman Reigns, Ambrose has been in every corner waiting to attack Rollins. Ambrose and Rollins finally get their match against each other and it is in a Lumberjack setting nonetheless. Considering the Lumberjack stipulation, it seems likely that there will be some type of gimmick finish that would lead to the feud continuing. But, for the purpose of this match, Rollins will likely win but Ambrose may attack his former Shield partner after the match. The attack would prevent Rollins from cashing in the briefcase on Sunday.

Jordan’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Marcus Hagness’ Take: This match has me really scratching my head. I get the concept of a Lumberjack Match to keep Rollins from escaping Ambrose’s Bam Margera-type attacks on him, but I was kind of like “meh” when that was announced. I wanted something a little more physical and less gimmicky. These two are capable of putting on one hell of a match and I feel like the Lumberjack aspect is going to take too much focus away from those two in the ring and more on the outside.

A steel cage would’ve been great with these two. Maybe since Bray Wyatt and Cena just had one at Extreme Rules they wanted something different. The match itself I predict Rollins will win. Ambrose has been on a tear of just wanting to get his hands on Rollins and not caring about anything else. Rollins is the golden boy for The Authority and will have a trick up his sleeve to pull off the victory. I see one of the Lumberjacks costing Ambrose the match.

Marcus’ Prediction: Seth Rollins

Brian Rzeppa’s Take: Two of WWE’s fastest-rising stars face off in this Lumberjack Match, with Ambrose finally being able to get his hands on Rollins inside the ring. Given that Rollins won the Money in the Bank Match a couple of months ago, the logical choice would be to give Ambrose a win here so he could build up some momentum of his own. This should be an incredible encounter and hopefully not the last one we see between these two.

Brian’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

Mike Smith’s Take: I don’t think this feud is over, and I think this feud will end with Ambrose getting a shot at taking the briefcase. In order for that to have any chance at happening, Ambrose must get the win here.

Plus, Rollins looks like he is not going to cash-in any time soon, so he needs a program to carry him for a while.

This match should be a show-stealer, with Ambrose coming out on top.

Mike’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

The Daily DDT staff is split right down the middle in this one, 3-3. Who do you give the edge to in this one? Let us know in the comments section below.

Most of the previews for SummerSlam are here, only one remains. The preview for the clash between John Cena and Brock Lesnar is coming.

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