WWE SummerSlam Predictions: Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

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Sunday night, Roman Reigns will meet Randy Orton at SummerSlam. Reigns has been having problems with The Authority since he was a member of The Shield, and they will come to a head at SummerSlam.

In the build to WrestleMania XXX, The Shield were feuding with The Authority’s lackeys, Kane and The New Age Outlaws. At WrestleMania, The Shield defeated them handily.

The night after WrestleMania, Triple H was trying to take the title from Daniel Bryan, but The Shield stepped up and took out Triple H, Kane, Batista and Orton, to save Bryan’s title.

The Shield then feuded with Evolution at Extreme Rules and Payback, coming out with victories both times, but it all changed the night after Payback, because that is when Seth Rollins turned on The Shield.

While Dean Ambrose put his focus on Rollins, Reigns turned his attention to The Authority. He has taken out Orton on a few occasions, including when Triple H was going to name Orton as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena’s challenger for SummerSlam.

Triple H told Orton that he won’t get a title shot as long as Reigns is allowed to ruin it, so Orton asked for this match, so that he can take out Reigns for good.

What will happen when these two meet at the Staples Center? Here are the predictions from the Daily DDT staff:

Rob Wolkenbrod’s Take: Like the Wyatt and Jericho match-up, I think this one is predictable as well. This will be a stepping stone for Reigns’ future feud with Triple H, which seems likely to happen for next month.

Orton has looked very strong for weeks now in order to build himself up as a legitimate threat. If it wasn’t so obvious that WWE is behind Reigns as a future headliner, I would buy into Orton more. This should be a good match though and it gives the former Shield member his first one on one match on a PPV. Roman Reigns wins via pin-fall.

Rob’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Stephen Ajamie’s Take: This is the easiest prediction of the year.  Anyone that doesn’t predict Roman Reigns to win, and any reason that Roman Reigns doesn’t win would be wrong.  I don’t quite see this as the coming out of Reigns, probably need to wait for that match with Triple H, if it happens, or a big run in the Royal Rumble. But this should be a fine starting point for the singles run of Reigns to pick up a win over Orton, and hopefully looking as strong as he can in that win.

Stephen’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Jordan Campbell’s Take: Randy Orton over the past month has shown why he was once a top character in the WWE. The problem is that Orton’s re-emergence comes at a time in which he is supposed to be putting Roman Reigns over. Reigns can’t lose cleanly on Sunday, and Orton–due his re-emergence–can not lose cleanly on Sunday. So what happens? The prediction here is that Reigns will win via disqualification. Either Triple H or Corporate Kane will interfere with the match and thwart Reigns’ chances of winning cleanly.

Jordan’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Marcus Hagness’ Take: I’m interested to see where they go with this match. There’s no way Kane isn’t part of the finish to this match. Maybe he changes the match type/rules the night of the show to favor Orton over Reigns? I’m not sure, but he’s been associated with this program since the build to Battleground. Orton is a great opponent for Reigns in his first big-time singles match. He sells extremely well (yeah I said it, go ahead and hate me) and has more main event matches than Reigns has singles matches. He’ll help him through the match and maintain Reigns’ momentum and make him look good.

Looking at movesets I wouldn’t hate at all if a nearfall in the match came off Orton side-stepping the Superman Punch for an RKO. I am predicting that Reigns goes over on Orton and picks up his first big win as a singles star. Look for Kane to have a role at the end of the match.

Marcus’ Prediction: Roman Reigns

Brian Rzeppa’s Take: This was a pretty simple, straightforward pick. WWE is building up Reigns to be their next face of the company, and there’s no way they’ll have him lose his first PPV singles bout. A win over Orton will increase his credibility, but he’s going to need a good showing between the ropes to silence the increasing number of critics that he’s already facing. Hopefully this means Orton can break away from Triple H & Co., too, since there’s probably better ways they could be using him.

Brian’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Mike Smith’s Take: Roman Reigns needs this win. Randy Orton absolutely does not.

I see this as a “show me something” opportunity for Orton, presented to him by Triple H. With Orton losing, it could, and should, be the beginning of a face turn, and his split from The Authority, with a money match in his future against Seth Rollins.

As for Reigns, bigger and better things are obviously in this guy’s future. A win here gives him the biggest win of his post-Shield career. Hopefully, there is a little involvement from The Authority, but, whether there is or not, Reigns will overcome everything to get a clean pin on Orton.

Mike’s Prediction: Roman Reigns

Like Bray Wyatt, a clean sweep for Roman Reigns, 6-0. Do you see any shot that Randy Orton picks up the win? If so, please tell us why in the comments section. Stay tuned for SummerSlam previews for Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, and John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar.

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