WWE SummerSlam Predictions: Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella

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At SummerSlam, Stephanie McMahon will return to the ring for the first time in 10 years, as she takes on Brie Bella.

In the lead up to WrestleMania XXX, Brie’s husband, Daniel Bryan, had a great feud with Stephanie and her husband, Triple H. It was one of the best feuds in years, and it led to an instant classic at The Show of Shows.

As you probably know, Bryan would beat Triple H, then enter the main event and defeat Randy Orton and Batista to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan would get one title defense, against The Authority’s lackey, Kane, but that would be it, as Bryan would suffer a serious neck injury and be forced out of action. Stephanie herself would try and force Bryan into giving up the title, but Bryan, and the crowd, refused to make it that easy, until Stephanie delivered an ultimatum.

On the Raw before Payback, Stephanie announced to the world that Bryan would be there, and that he would be forced to give up the title, or his wife Brie would be fired.

At Payback, Bryan was about to relinquish his title, when Brie stepped up and quit her job, before delivering a solid slap to Stephanie, forcing her to retreat and sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Unfortunately, Bryan would not get a good prognosis, and would be stripped of the title by The Authority, making Brie’s gesture virtually meaningless. However, that would not be the end of Brie.

Brie would show up here and there to support Bryan, and her sister Nikki, angering Stephanie, to the point that she eventually delivered a return slap to Brie. Brie, now a civilian, pressed charges on Stephanie, using that as leverage to get her job back and to get a match with Stephanie at SummerSlam.

What will happen when the two finally get in the ring? Here’s what the Daily DDT staff has to say:

Rob Wolkenbrod’s Take: This has been a pretty fun feud so far. To say there has been drama is an understatement. From Brie Bella quitting at Payback, to both women trading slaps, along with both getting arrested, it’s been plenty of entertainment.

McMahon did come out on top on Monday, but I still think she does here too. It will be the first of two meetings between these two that will ultimately end with Brie on top by Night of Champions. I think we see Nikki come down during the match in what will look like an attempt to aid Brie, only to turn on her and cost her the match. It will add even more drama to this feud and give it another layer before NOC. Stephanie McMahon wins via pin-fall (with assistance).

Rob’s Prediction: Stephanie McMahon

Stephen Ajamie’s Take: I know this has been looked down upon after Monday night’s actions in the feud, and even I admit the cheating angle was bad.  It served a purpose to get Brie Bella arrested, but other than that, it wasn’t worth the time when this Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella set up was working. I am still interested in seeing which way this goes. I think Nikki could play a part possibly by turning on Brie and helping Stephanie win the match, but for now, I’ll go with Brie because let’s face it, that makes more sense.

Stephen’s Prediction: Brie Bella

Jordan Campbell’s Take: For the longest of time, The Bella Twins were only referred to as natural boobs Bella (Brie), and fake boobs Bella (Nikki). But then with the emergence of E! Total Divas and the fact that both twins are dating the two top guys in WWE, The Bella Twins slowly began getting noticed for more than the size of their boobs. The problem is that neither is particularly talented. Brie is only over with the fans because of the fact that her husband is Daniel Bryan, and Nikki’s sense of entitlement due to her relationship with John Cena has irked some people within WWE. But has anyone really looked at the logic of Brie’s feud with Stephanie. Brie willingly *quit* her job then attempted to blackmail Stephanie for her job back? That does not make too much sense. The guess here is that Stephanie McMahon will win but only after a heel turn by Nikki.

Jordan’s Prediction: Stephanie McMahon

Marcus Hagness’ Take: I hope to god Daniel Bryan is allowed to be at the ring so the crowd doesn’t turn on the match. I’ve loved what  they’re doing each week, but I don’t know that the general fans are feeling the same way. The popular prediction is Nikki Bella turning on her sister and allowing Stephanie to pick up the win. I love that idea and hope to god they stick with it. JR has repeatedly said on his podcast, “Just because something’s predictable, doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.” This would give the Divas Division another great feud and hopefully another contender for the title so Paige and AJ have something to do. I predict that Nikki costs Brie the match, joins The Authority and then those two begin a feud.

Marcus’ Prediction: Stephanie McMahon

Brian Rzeppa’s Take: There’s quite a few ways that they could go with this one, but the best way to continue the storyline and add some credibility to The Authority would be for McMahon to go over Brie. There’s quite a few ways they could go about doing this, but the best way would be for Brie’s sister, Nikki, to somehow get involved to help Stephanie get the win. With this we’d have the side storyline of Brie and Nikki, which would in turn allow Stephanie to go do other, more entertaining things.

Brian’s Prediction: Stephanie McMahon

Mike Smith’s Take: Let’s face it, this is probably it for Stephanie. It’s hard to imagine any scenario where she gets in the ring again a Night of Champions next month. That doesn’t mean this feud can’t continue though, but for that to happen somebody needs to do the fighting for Stephanie.

Plenty of Divas have done Stephanie’s bidding over the past few months, but for this to be high-profile, the only person who can do the job is Brie’s sister Nikki, who took many punishments from Stephanie when Brie quit and wasn’t around to take the punishments herself.

Brie and Nikki have vastly improved in the past year or so, and I would not mind seeing them have a few matches together.

As for this one, Stephanie wins with interference from Nikki.

Mike’s Prediction: Stephanie McMahon

The Daily DDT staff is picking Stephanie McMahon, 5-1. Who do you think will come out on top in this one? Let us know in the comments section. There are still more SummerSlam previews to come.

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