WWE Raw Preview: SummerSlam Fallout

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What an event last night!

SummerSlam lived up the hype with pretty much every match delivering as expected. It was great wrestling and near perfect booking from WWE that made the event special.

What may be forgotten is that we have another three hour show tonight for all of the SummerSlam fall out on Raw. We’ll see Brock Lesnar’s first appearance as WWE World Heavyweight Champion (hint: he may be given a new title) and we are sure to hear from his advocate, Paul Heyman.

Let’s dive into what could happen!

Ram-Paiging the Divas Division

I knew Paige was going to go over A.J. Lee for the Divas belt at some point, but I was surprised with what happened last night. They put on a good match and A.J. lost the title to the British Diva.

Tonight we’ll hear them address the match and start the build-up to one last showdown at Night of Champions (which could be A.J.’s last match as people are beginning to speculate).

What’s Next?

Jack Swagger and Rusev put on a decent bout that was crunched in the middle of everything. Swagger would pass out to The Accolade to hand Rusev the victory.

Does this feud have more life? If not, where do these two go next? Rusev could go for the U.S. Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, or begin another mid-card battle.

Mid-Card Titles

Dolph Ziggler somewhat surprisingly won the Intercontinental Championship from The Miz yesterday at SummerSlam. Does Ziggler and Miz square off at Night of Champions? Will a new challenger come forward?

What would be better than having the new challenger being Sheamus so him and Ziggler can unify the titles for NOC. Having two mid-card titles floating around doesn’t make much sense and the time is now with the U.S. title being irrelevant for months. WWE’s desire to do that remains to be seen.

One More Match?

After Bray Wyatt defeated Chris Jericho last night, they are expected to have one last battle at NOC to cap off their three PPV feud.

Wyatt will surely address his win and Y2J will likely be heard from as well. I wonder though if this will be the last month of Jericho’s time in WWE for good. He’s still a very good performer, but at 43 years old, he may hang up the boots and eventually enter the WWE Hall of Fame.

Roman vs. King

Randy Orton and Roman Reigns put on an entertaining fight last night. It would have been good to see a few minutes of that battle be handed to the Rollins-Ambrose fight or the Divas Championship match, but the match still did its job as it put Reigns over in a singles win.

As it has been rumored for months, Triple H may be next in line for Reigns at NOC. This would be his next step up the ladder after conquering Kane and Orton. A win over The Game would put Reigns in even higher regard with the WWE Universe and be another step towards him becoming a main event performer.

Shining Shield

As expected last night, the Lumberjack match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins stole the show. Their battle was entertaining and seeing the lumberjacks getting involved was pretty fun, too.

Their feud is far from over. It will continue to see plenty of time on WWE programming and possibly an upgrade in stipulation for NOC. Following that would be a Hell in a Cell match at the HIAC PPV in October to cap off this feud. Maybe the MITB briefcase gets put on the line as well.

Increasing Authority

Last night’s match that saw Stephanie McMahon get in a ring for the first time in over a decade against Brie Bella was as entertaining as expected. It told a story and set up this feud to continue on for NOC with Nikki turning on her sister.

A very interesting battle for next month would be Stephanie and Nikki vs. Brie in a handicap match to see if the latter Bella can overcome the odds to become victorious. Before that happens, we will see plenty of drama and fallout from what happened last night as the story of this battle will continue to be told.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Brock Lesnar.

Many expected Brock Lesnar to go over John Cena last night. I don’t think anyone expected it to happen in the fashion it happened in with Cena getting absolutely destroyed with sixteen suplexes and two F-5’s, one of which came within minutes of the opening bell.

The Beast Incarnate is expected to be honored tonight in front of a potentially hot crowd. It should be very entertaining as well to see what his advocate, Paul Heyman, has to say too.

A question coming into this will be what’s next for John Cena? After getting crushed, will he go for the title again at NOC? We’ll find out tonight.

Stay tuned for our continuing coverage of SummerSlam’s fallout and make sure to follow us on Twitter to see our live tweeting of tonight’s WWE Raw!


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