WWE SmackDown: Non-Spoiler Preview for August 29


August 29th will feature the fifth-to-last SmackDown on Fridays before the show gets moved to Thursdays in the first week of October. Let’s hope they make it more relevant.

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Before that, we have a show to preview!

Top Superstars like Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, and Seth Rollins are all scheduled to be in action. How will they do? Will WWE be smart and give Bray Wyatt some momentum back?

Seth Rollins vs. Rob Van Dam

To finish off his latest run, Rob Van Dam will face Seth Rollins, an opponent who he has faced many times.

When you first read this match-up, you would think Rollins would likely get the win. With the feud he’s now in with Roman Reigns, however, we could see him interfere in this match and cost his former stablemate a victory. Giving RVD a win on his way out wouldn’t be so bad, either.

Expect a fun match between these two that will get the night rolling for other matches.

Prediction: Rob Van Dam wins via pin-fall.

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  • Paige vs. Emma

    Paige and Emma are two very skilled wrestlers, I just can’t see them getting much time with the constant interference that has been in every match involving the British Diva or her rival, AJ Lee.

    The interference in or after every match seems like lazy booking, but AJ and Paige have made it look better with their facial expressions and body language that they display.

    I do see Paige picking up the quick win in this match that will precede an AJ appearance at some point. Emma is at the bottom of this division.

    Prediction: Paige wins via submission.

    Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

    These two foes will face off again in what should be another fun match. They have put on some pretty good ones over the past few weeks.

    Swagger won’t give up in his pursuit of taking down Rusev, despite losing to him every time. With the former’s current conflict with Bo Dallas, I can’t see him picking up the victory. I don’t think WWE is ready to let Rusev lose a match yet, either. He could afford one at some point, but WWE is all in on making him a monster heel.

    Wait, weren’t they just all in on Bray Wyatt as this next monster heel?

    Prediction: Rusev wins via submission.

    Jimmy Uso vs. Stardust

    Earlier this week on Raw, we saw Gold and Stardust turn heel after being angered about losing their title shot from one of the Uso’s being counted out because of a leg injury. It was an unexpected turn and quite frankly, a little awkward, but their viciousness that night and on Main Event made the turn legitimate.

    With the fresh change in character for the odd duo, I can’t see them handing Stardust a loss. They have to build them up initially and let The Uso’s get their revenge on Raw next week. This battle could be very entertaining, though, with the athletic moves that both will display. I’m looking forward to it.

    Prediction: Stardust wins via pin-fall.

    Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow (The Miz’s stunt double)

    With The Miz not wanting to be kicked in his “moneymaker,” he will send out Damien Sandow once again to take the hits for him.

    Miz is currently in a feud with Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship while Sheamus is feuding with new #1 contender, Cesaro, for the United States Championship.

    If you’re tuning into WWE for the first time and you think this will be a good match-up, think again!

    Prediction: Sheamus wins via pin-fall.

    Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

    Our main event for WWE SmackDown will feature Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt. These two had some fun run-ins when they feuded earlier in the year when The Shield was still around.

    Reigns is in the middle of a feud with Rollins and Kane while Bray is involved with Chris Jericho.

    Reigns went over Rollins and Kane on Monday when he faced them in a handicap match that resulted in a dirty finish. Bray took a vicious beating that from John Cena that this writer and many others in the IWC disagree with. We went over it the other day in the first edition of “Baffling Booking.”

    This could be a tricky one if this match doesn’t happen like this: they trade barbs throughout the match, have Rollins get revenge and interfere to give Wyatt the win. From the very poor booking of The Wyatt Family lately, I don’t see this happening. Although I do think Rollins interferes and gets over on Reigns in some way.

    WWE is keen on pushing Reigns to become the next big WWE main event Superstar and it will continue here. They won’t let him lose.

    Prediction: Roman Reigns wins via pin-fall.

    What do you think will happen on WWE SmackDown this Friday?