WWE Opinions: Why the Bellas Should Be Far from the Divas Championship


This past Monday’s episode of WWE RAW saw another segment of Brie and Nikki Bella feuding over their incident at SummerSlam when Nikki attacked Brie during her match with Stephanie McMahon. Fans were exposed to their mic “skills” and proceeded to raid social media, voicing their displeasure with their speaking ability, the time being given to them, and Paige and AJ Lee’s sudden involvement in this feud after McMahon granted Nikki a Divas Championship opportunity at Night of Champions. The expectation is for the four Divas to be put in a fatal 4-way for the championship.

That segment made AJ and Paige look like background props and insignificant to the other drama in the ring.

Paige and AJ have been in a feud for the past few months over the Divas Championship. AJ retained the belt in their match at Battleground while Paige won it again at SummerSlam. Their feud has had some rough patches here and there, but it has been solid overall.

Adding the Bellas to the mix for the Divas Title feud with the British Diva and the longest reigning champion does not make any sense for Night of Champions. The performance of both of the Bellas has been a train wreck. Their work on the mic has drawn criticism from everyone and their in-ring skills have never been anything noteworthy. However, Brie’s real life marriage to Daniel Bryan rose her to prominence this summer and it subsequently brought Nikki up as well, so it has led to them getting good TV time on WWE’s flagship program. If it wasn’t for Bryan, these twins would still be involved in the Total Divas match/commercial WWE likes to put on during RAW.

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Paige and AJ have been the hardest working (and best) members of the Divas division for months. They are very skilled in-ring workers and know how to work the microphone. They have momentum behind them during their feud for the belt and throwing the Bellas into the fray could destroy it. If Nikki or Brie wins the Divas Championship, how does AJ and Paige possess any more credibility? They would be beaten by Divas who are below them and being showcased because of their prominent roles on the show Total Divas. 

Where would either of them go from there? You’d think WWE would want to set up a separate match down the line with Nikki and Brie at the Hell in a Cell for the championship (if either wins it).

While that would go be going on, it wouldn’t make sense to send AJ and Paige into a separate feud without the title unless Stephanie McMahon would be involved. It still would not be right, though.

The likely scenario is AJ going into a program with Stephanie, which was teased earlier this week. Where Paige would go from there with the Divas Title is a mystery. Does she feud against one of the Bellas and defeats them again?

Either way, the Bellas should be nowhere in sight of the Divas Championship. It would show WWE caring more about soap opera drama and their little show on E! (if either wins the belt) instead of two hard working and talented entertainers in AJ Lee and Paige.