How The Ascension Would Impact the WWE Tag Team Division


The Ascension has been running over the tag team division in WWE NXT for almost a year now.

The team of Konnor and Viktor have held the NXT Tag Team Championship since September 12th, 2013 and are scheduled to defend the title on September 11th, 2014 at NXT Takeover 2, just one day before their reign reaches a year. They will face the winners of the #1 contender tournament, Kalisto and Sin Cara. They defeated The Vaudevillains to get to that match.

The rumor going around now is that if The Ascension loses at Takeover 2, it could signify them being called up to the main roster.

"Like with Charlotte, don’t be surprised if The Ascension lose the NXT tag team titles to Sin Cara and Kalisto at Takeover 2 (Electric Boogaloo) it’s likely because they are being called up to the main roster soon."

Adding this dynamic force to the tag team division is something that WWE needs badly on Raw and SmackDown. Ideally, they would go for championship gold immediately.

The Usos, the current WWE Tag Team Champions, are going to need something to do once their program with Goldust and Stardust ends. If they retain their titles, why not throw The Ascension into the title mix immediately? Let them battle for the titles at Hell in a Cell, win them, and retain at Survivor Series against Jimmy and Jey. They proved their dominance in NXT and they are already in their mid-30’s (Konnor is 34 and Viktor is 33), so the time would be ideal now to give them a dominant tag team reign in case injury problems settle in.

If Goldust and Stardust win the titles from The Usos at Night of Champions, then you can somewhat slowly work Konnor and Viktor into the title scene. The Dust Bros. are heel, so a heel vs. heel feud would not make much sense. They would need to take on a face tag team.

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With the way how WWE handles new Superstars on the main roster, they probably will be worked in slowly anyway. They’ll probably pummel their opponents at first (Slater Gator and Los Matadores) and then go for the championships down the line. They need to have the WWE Tag Team Championship by Wrestlemania 31 at the latest, however. Otherwise, they could end up aimlessly floating around like the other tag teams have been doing.

Bringing The Ascension up to the main roster would also bring a fresh look to the tag team division. The current state of it is pretty bad outside of The Usos and Goldust and Stardust and could use something different.

They’ve been pushing Big Show and Mark Henry as a tag team to try to send something different to the division. “The World’s Strongest Tag Team” have been made to look dominant so far and have been running over Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family, who were just recently thought of as rising Superstars in WWE. That does not appear to be the case anymore. Hopefully that’s not the fate of The Ascension down the line, either, as they have plenty of potential to have a great run on the main roster.

They will also easily be over the low-card teams like Slater Gator, Los Matadores and RybAxel (if they re-form) once they join the roster. That won’t be a problem.

Bringing up Konnor and Viktor to the WWE main roster would be a much needed, fresh look to the tag team division. Putting them immediately in the running for the WWE Tag Team Championship and having them winning it would bring credibility right off the bat. Plus, a fresh reign is needed.

Let’s just hope Vince McMahon and company feel the same.