WWE Rumors: Could a John Cena-Rusev Be in the Works?


Over the past few years, as WWE built up its young stars and got them to a certain point in popularity, they would be fed to John Cena in a feud.

Here’s two of the recent feuds that Cena was placed in to supposedly “put over” a young Superstar.

Case I

Ryback, formerly known as Skip Sheffield, was incredibly over with the WWE Universe with the “Feed Me More” gimmick. As he was on his way up the card, he began to feud with Cena, who as everybody knows, is the face of the company. Since Cena has been a longtime face, WWE made the move to turn Ryback heel, which turned out to be a devastating blow to his career. Ryback would lose almost all the fan support he had gained, would never got put over by Cena, and fell to the bottom of the card.

Case II

Bray Wyatt became one of the most popular Superstars in WWE because his character is fun to get behind and he’s something that has never been done before. His feud with Daniel Bryan from the end of 2013 through this year’s Royal Rumble was fantastic and culminated in the two putting on a match of the year candidate. After that, the rest of the Wyatt Family would feud with The Shield in what could be the feud of the year. Their match at Elimination Chamber probably has a better chance of winning MOTY over Bray-Bryan.

WWE would end up putting Wyatt in a feud at Wrestlemania XXX with Cena. It scared plenty of people because of what has happened in the past regarding the leader of the Cenation putting over rising stars. Most expected the leader of the Wyatt Family to win, however.

Bray would end up losing to Cena, which annoyed many. Following that was a decent Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules and an epic Last Man Standings contest at Payback. Wyatt won the cage match, but Cena won the LMS match, which was kind of a surprise. Wyatt’s momentum seemed to crash and burn following this. He was thrown into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match at Money in the Bank, but was an afterthought for most of it. His recent feud with Chris Jericho was pretty bland as well.

Today, Wyatt has no feud for Sunday’s Night of Champions and can’t seem to beat the Big Show, who hasn’t been relevant in years. The book isn’t out on the Eater of Worlds, but it’s not looking good.

More from John Cena

So why was two cases of Cena killing other wrestler’s momentum explained? Well, according to Wrestling Observer, another young star may be heading in his direction.

"Mark Henry and Rusev closing out last night’s RAW may have had something to do with preparing Rusev for a feud with John Cena soon."

Let’s try to look at this in a positive light.

Vince McMahon and his booking staff might have realized the mistake that they made months ago by not having their company’s face lose to an upcoming star. Maybe they realized that the future of this company depends on the young wrestlers and not someone who is 37 years old and is probably banged up.

This could be the prime opportunity for WWE to create the monster heel that they failed to capitalize on earlier this year. If Rusev went over him, who knows when the hero of the Russian Federation would lose. It could set up epic battles between him and someone like Roman Reigns, who is also on his way up in the company.

The one person who can destroy all of this with one statement is Vince McMahon. If he doesn’t feel Cena can lose two straight feuds, it will cause Rusev to descend into the island of mid-card Superstars.

Let’s just hope WWE gets this one right, if it does happen.

Would you like to see Rusev placed into a feud with John Cena? Leave your input below!