WWE Night of Champions Predictions: Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton


At WWE Night of Champions, two legends will meet in a one-one-one matchup, when Chris Jericho takes on Randy Orton.

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Following a Steel Cage Match with Bray Wyatt on the September 8th edition of Raw, Jericho was getting treatment in the trainer’s room for a knee injury, when Orton made an appearance. Orton attacked Jericho and left him laying on the floor, clutching at his bad knee.

The animosity between Orton and Jericho stems from a Highlight Reel segment on September 1st, that saw Orton as the scheduled guest. Orton changed the gameplan and came out with Triple H, Seth Rollins and Kane, but Jericho didn’t backdown, mocking all four men in the process.

He must have really gotten to Orton, starting this rivalry.

Orton never did truly get the best of Roman Regins, can he change his luck against Jericho? Find out what Daily DDT staff members Rob Wolkenbrod, Stephen Ajamie, Brian Rzeppa, Luke Sicari, and Mike Smith think.

Rob’s Take: This one was kind of just thrown together to give these guys something to do. I’m a little confused why they didn’t save Y2J and Bray Wyatt for this, but we have to stick with what’s being given.

We don’t have much of a reason to get behind this match other than it being Jericho’s last one before he leaves for another period of time from WWE. Since he’s leaving, this will be a chance for Orton to pick up a much needed win to try to add some life back into his character like he did, somewhat, against Roman Reigns last month. He’ll destroy Jericho and write him off of television.

Rob’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Stephen’s Take: Why is this match even happening? I hope that Orton just takes out Jericho on the Kickoff Show because there’s really no point to this.

You have Jericho win, and Orton takes him out after the win. That’s about all I got for this match because I’ve been really let down by this current run of Jericho. I feel like he’s just going through the motions, and I expected more out of him this time around.

Stephen’s Prediction: Chris Jericho

Brian’s Take: He was the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Orton as a truly dominant force.

First, he spent his time putting over Daniel Bryan, and up until now he’s been carrying Roman Reigns through a feud. Going up against an established star in Jericho will help him get back on track, and I’m holding out hope that this match will also be the return of the Legend Killer.

Brian’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Luke’s Take: A match that seems to be put together rather quickly will see ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho battle ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton. This feud began when Orton attacked Jericho in the trainers room on Raw a couple weeks back, after Jericho said Orton has been ‘handed everything’ in his career. While the match has been quickly rushed together, there is still bad blood between the two.

Orton hasn’t had a PPV win in a while but expect him to break that streak against Jericho. Orton will be vicious against Jericho, stopping at nothing to possibly end. Don’t be surprised if Orton goes into his playbook and pulls out the punt for this match.

Luke’s Prediction: Randy Orton

Mike’s Take: This is going to be a really good match. Orton and Jericho are two of my favorites, and I think they’re going to put on a good show.

I do believe that Jericho will be on Raw on Monday, but it will be following a loss to Orton at NOC, and Orton will continue that attack, and known Jericho out of action until his next run.

Mike’s Prediction: Randy Orton

We have Orton picking up the win, 4-1. Who do you think will win, the legend of Y2J, or “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton? Let us know in the comment section below.

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