WWE Night of Champions Predictions: Mark Henry vs. Rusev


This Sunday, at WWE Night of Champions, Mark Henry will fight for America, as he takes on a Russian hero, Rusev.

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Rusev and Lana have bad-mouthed America ever since they debuted, all the way through their feud with “The Real American” Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Now they have to deal with the World’s Strongest Man, and a former Olympian for the United States.

Henry has consistently taken exception to what Lana’s had to say about America, and hasn’t been afraid to let anybody known it.

Henry’s last two fights against Russia did not go well, those coming in the 1992 and 1996 Olympics, will the same result come at NOC? Check out these predictions from Daily DDT staff members Rob Wolkenbrod, Stephen Ajamie, Brian Rzeppa, Luke Sicari, and Mike Smith:

Rob’s Take: WWE has been playing up Henry for the past month as the toughest foe for Rusev since he joined the main roster. From scaring him off, to his patriotic speeches, he has been getting the upper-hand in this feud.

All of this doesn’t matter, though. There’s no way that Rusev loses this, especially if he’s going to face John Cena in his next feud, like it has been speculated lately. This should still be an entertaining match though, seeing these two powerhouses fight each other. I think it will deliver.

Rob’s Prediction: Rusev

Stephen’s Take: Sorry, World’s Strongest Man, but my Bulgarian Brute must crush you.

Ever since meeting Rusev during my time in New Orleans for Wrestlemania XXX, I’ve been a fan of his.  Therefore, I like the role he’s been playing, but not sure what will be the next step. He’s too old school for his time, but hopefully something can make him get to the next step.

Stephen’s Prediction: Rusev

Brian’s Take: The crowd doesn’t seem to be getting behind this feud quite as much as they did with Swagger vs. Rusev, but this match should be relatively entertaining given the styles of both wrestlers.

To keep this one short, I don’t see Henry being the guy to end Rusev’s streak of not being pinned. If I had to place a bet on one match, it’d be this one.

Brian’s Prediction: Rusev

Luke’s Take: Rusev and Lana have been bragging on about Russia for months, from waving the Russian flag all over the arena, to Lana dissing the American National Anthem, Henry has heard enough. WWE seems committed to building this up as a main-event caliber match, as it closed out this week’s Raw, in what was a very underwhelming and almost boring segment.

Despite that, expect a passion fueled match between the two competitors this Sunday. Rusev has all the makings of a future world champion in WWE and beating a former world champion like Henry will be a major stepping stone in his career. Rusev has a whole lot to lose in this match and if WWE is serious about making him the next big superstar, a win on Sunday is vital.

Luke’s Prediction: Rusev

Mike’s Take: Rusev is going to win this match, plain and simple.

Basically, if you’re an American fighting for America, and you have to actually work to get other Americans behind you, that’s a problem. That’s seemed to be the case at times with Henry. USA vs. Russia had a lot of momentum when Swagger was involved, and it’s lost much of it ever since they swapped in Henry.

Even though the feud has lost momentum, I don’t think the same can be said about Rusev and Lana. I’m not a fan, but they have a lot of heat, and I want to see them get the chance to build on that.

Mike’s Prediction: Rusev

Another sweep, as all five of us have Rusev defeating Mark Henry. Who do you got in this international battle? Let us know in the comment section below.

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